Trey Basa, Homecoming Candidate
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Student Life

Trey Basa, Homecoming Candidate

An inside interview with the Homecoming candidate himself.

Trey Basa, Homecoming Candidate
Megan Garcia

Ah, homecoming. A time to celebrate with friends, football, and... coming home?

Homecoming has long been a tradition of America's public schools. From awkward middle school dances, to high school sweethearts, to collegiate homecoming parades, homecoming has a plethora of traditions. One obvious tradition that people immediately associate with homecoming is royalty. That's right, the elected king and queen of the court, a sacred ritual amongst America's education systems.

Fort Hays State University's homecoming is next Saturday, October 1st. Among the social events and festivities, we find the nerve-wracking court election process. Candidates are chosen, votes made, and crowns given to the most royal. One of the eligible candidates this year is a good friend of mine, Trey Basa.

So, I decided to interview him to see why he should win Homecoming Royalty.

1. What do you think is the most influential part of Fort Hays State University?

I believe the faculty and staff here are genuine, salt of the Earth kind of people. They are unbelievably friendly and kind and I couldn’t have asked for more from my educators. I chose FHSU for the small class sizes and personal attention and that is exactly what I got. The faculty and staff have influenced me to do more, be more than ever before in my life.

2. Why did you choose FHSU as your destination of choice?

I come from a small/secluded community in the middle of the country. I live outside of Manhattan but lived in a small neighborhood. I had to drive 10 minutes further into the country just for high school. I wanted the same feeling and I found it here at Fort Hays State.

3. What are you involved with on campus?

*pull out a scroll and unrolls 10ft of paper* I am in a fraternity called Sigma Phi Epsilon, I'm an Orientation Leader in the Spring and Welcome Leader in the Fall, I work for the University Activities Board and Forsyth Library, and I am a VIP Ambassador for the University!

4. If you were to look back at your college career, what is one memory that sticks out to you the most?

I have a terrible memory, but I do really well with some of the very emotional memories. My junior year, I competed in the Delta Zeta’s Big Man On Campus competition. It’s like a beauty pageant for males. You have your casual wear, swim wear, talent, formal wear, question and answer events that every guy has to do and the panel of judges score you on everything. I remember this competition more than anything recently because it was the most exciting and fun thing I did in a while! For my talent, I sang “Part of your World” from The Little Mermaid acapella style. It was exciting and frightening all at the same time. I wanted to do something funny and different and that is what I came up with. I’m notorious with lyrics, so the crowd had to help me out a little bit. But they seemed very receptive to it! They were laughing and cheering and having a good time!

5. Who do you admire the most in your life (this can be a personal or public figure)?

I’m absolutely crazy about one of my first and most impactful mentors of my college career, and frankly my life. Jill Arensdorf from the Leadership Department has been supporting and encouraging me since I was a freshman. It's an amazing feeling to have her support and encouragement for so long.

6. If you were to describe your life as a television show, what show has your life been most like?

I think because of the amount I cringe and the amount I am awkward, I would have to say my life is a mix between Michael Scott and Jim Halpert from The Office.

7. What made you want to run for royalty?

VIP Ambassadors made me do it. All my friends voted me out of the guys and Carlie Snethen out of the girls.They all thought we would be a good representation for the organization and I guess they were right!

8. How has your academic major shaped who you are as a person?

I’m an English major with a concentration in Education. Honestly, when you decide to study that major, you already love reading, writing, and teaching. You can only become a better reader, writer, and teacher. With that said, I’m still a terrible speller.

9. If a freshman student were to approach you and ask you what they need to do to be ready for college, what would be the first thing you would tell them?

Bring a brick to school. Maybe paint it so it doesn’t look as terrifying. It wouldn’t hurt to put your contact information on it either. Just in case you lose it or someone steals it. I should probably explain what the brick is for. It's actually for your room! If you live in the res halls, it's nice to have a brick to hold your door open so you can interact with people or people can interact with you! Makes the halls a much friendlier atmosphere.

So, there you have it. An inside look at Trey's life as a student of Fort Hays State University. The decision's yours to make, but Trey is a candidate who is not to be overlooked.

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