Why Traveling In College Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do
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Why Traveling In College Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do

You don't have the full responsibilities as an adult, so make as many experiences as you can.

Why Traveling In College Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do

College is a wonderful time. You don't have the restrictions of being a kid in high-school, and you don't have to worry about bills, a full-time job and keeping a roof over your head. You're right in the middle, and that leaves time for many opportunities. College is great, so make the most of it.

Having said that, I feel like a lot of college students don't know the great power they have when they're in the middle of two stages of their lives. While school is very important and you want to work hard so you get a job after your college career, but making experiences is just as important. Use your time in college to take advantage of not having to worry about the adult life just yet. The most important word you should use throughout this time should be, "Yes."

When I say experiences, I don't just mean saying yes to that house party down the street or going to dinner before your 10 p.m. bedtime. I mean saying yes to things you wouldn't have the opportunity to do in the future. One of the most life-changing things you can do is travel, and while money may be tight while in college, try to travel and do as many things as you can while still keeping education in sight.

Go on a road trip with your friends, say yes to that backpacking trip through Europe and go that restaurant or late night activity. Just get out and go. You will never have another period in your life where you have the freedom, energy and youthfulness that you have while in college. If something is outside of your comfort zone, then chances are you'll get the best life changing experience out of it. Get out of your comfort zone, experience things you didn't even know was possible and I promise you, you'll grow from it. Don't let the unknown prevent you from doing things. Push yourself to do things you aren't comfortable with, go places you've never been to before and go out and search for opportunities.

Break through your mindset of, "Eh, it's late so I don't want to go out," or, "I think I will just stay in tonight." While those things are totally fine to say sometimes, don't make it a habit. I promise you in the future you will regret it when you have bills, a full-time job and don't have the time or opportunity to do what you could've said yes to in college. You're in the prime of your life, so don't waste it.

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