It's the most menial day of the week to most people. Half of the time we forget about it until the trash truck comes rambling down the street and you're waddling down the driveway with four overstuffed trash bags in tow. (Here's to hoping none of them burst open.... godspeed!)

I love trash day.

Why? What so special about trash day?

It's about cleaning up my life and getting rid of the clutter in my brain.

Junk mail. Leftover food. Old Christmas cards I didn't look at for four months. The poinsettia I couldn't keep alive. Little bits of fluff in my life that clouded my view. Gone!

Decluttering is life therapy, and we have to keep up regular maintenance of our overstuffed brains. Or else we lose focus of our careers, our families, our friends.

As you toss that AARP advertisement in the trash can, think of it as tossing social media aside for the evening. Think of it as letting go of the mental clutter in your life. Is there something worrying you that you don't really have control over? Let that s*** go! Just keep working and your bills will get paid. Your school work will get done. Stay away from toxic people and all the negative drama will go away. So as you toss that trash bag at the curb, remember you are ridding yourself of that mental junk mail…gone!

Embrace trash day! It's my favorite day of the week!