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After watching "Toy Story 4" and seeing how it ended, I just couldn't accept how it ended. I really enjoyed the movie and I had to admit, the animation was gorgeous to look at and the animation indeed improved from its predecessors. But I had mixed feelings about the ending of "Toy Story 4." Even though this should be seen as a happy ending for Woody, I don't think this ending is the right one to close the beloved "Toy Story" franchise. In fact, I believe the ending of "Toy Story 3" was the perfect enough and the "Toy Story" franchise should be left alone after that.

Here are three reasons why I think the ending of "Toy Story 4" was not the ending the franchise deserves:

1. Woody left Buzz and the gang

I can't believe after what Buzz and Woody went through, they parted ways. In fact, Pixar broke up the iconic duo that taught us that friendship last longer than anything in the world. It felt out of character that Woody would leave his Buzz and the gang, especially what happened in "Toy Story 3," in which Woody chose to stay with Buzz and the gang after realizing that his friends were more important to him than Andy. Not to mention, at the end of "Toy Story 2," Woody finally accepted he can't stop Andy from growing up and learned that he would stick by Andy's side until then. Woody told Buzz that he will enjoy the time he now has with Andy and there is nothing to be afraid of as long as he has Buzz to accompany him "for infinity and beyond."

2. Bonnie's character was completely butchered

In "Toy Story 4." Bonnie not only ignored, but she forgot about Woody throughout the movie. Unlike in "Toy Story 3," Bonnie was a real toy-lover and really loved Woody like Andy. Not even for one second in "Toy Story 4" did she go look for him. She didn't play with Woody for three days and replaced him with Forky. To be honest, I believed she was the whole reason why Woody left Buzz and the gang. From there on, I really hated Bonnie in this movie. At the end of "Toy Story 4," I was like, "Bonnie's no Andy and boy, will Andy be angry when he learns that Bonnie discards Woody."

3. The ending destroyed my childhood

I feel as though the plot of "Toy Story 4" was a combination of the plot of its predecessors, having Woody be tested again from the trials he already faced. Woody's fear of being replaced was already settled in the first film of the franchise and Woody's fear of being unloved was already settled in the second and third film of the franchise. I felt that Woody's decision in "Toy Story 4" showed he didn't learn at all. Not to mention, Andy said that Woody was a special toy because he would never give up on his owner. But guess what, Woody gave up on Bonnie who didn't play with him for a few days but didn't give up on Andy who didn't play with him more than a few days after getting Buzz as a new toy. Awkward, huh?

What are your feelings about the ending of "Toy Story 4"? Do you think it should have stopped at "Toy Story 3"?

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