Ever thought what songs to listen to when you're feeling angry or having a bad day? I will tell you this, the best singer who can help channel your anger is no other than indie pop singer Halsey. When I'm in an angry mood, I listen to Halsey because she, in my opinion, helps subside my agitation and depression. Here are the top three Halsey songs I listen to whenever I'm angry and depressed:

1. "Control"

Known to be a song about bipolarity, this is a good song to listen to when you feel anger burning inside you and you feel something demonic is taking control of your body. In fact, this song empowers you to embrace your inner demon. Thereby, you are channeling your negative energy in a way that projects you in becoming a person feared by people around you and at the same time, projecting yourself as someone who should be not messed with.

2. "Castle"

I will recommend listening to the Huntsman's version over the original because the lovely addition of the choir only adds more steam to your boiling anger and your rebellious urge. You will feel even more powerful just by singing the lyrics. Pretty much, this song signifies on how Halsey does not like being ordered around. Who does? This relatable feeling will only make you love the song even more.

3. "Colors"

This is the best song to listen to whenever you're feeling the blues. In fact, this song makes you feel like you're in a trance and seeing splashes of blue and gray as Halsey voices out these colors in her lyrics. The powerful bass of the song drowns you into the flow of her song and her vocals makes you drink in your sorrows.

Do you agree with these songs? What song do you listen to when you're not in a good mood?