1. Friends

If you're in your 20-somethings (or not) this show is for you. There's something about watching this group of friends trying to navigate through life that makes you feel a little less worried about your own! Get comfortable because you'll binge-watching this show all weekend.

2. Parks and Recreation

If you're a suburbs kid living in a boring town, this show is perfect for escaping reality for a minute! Watch as these group of friends struggle for independence and get into hilarious mishaps. Oh yeah, and Eric's infamous basement is a definite plus too...

5. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Do I really need to explain why this show is a must-see? Will Smith's outrageous personality and over the top jokes are enough to have you quoting him all day!

7. The Office

Probably one of the best coming-of-age shows you'll ever watch. 100% Guaranteed!