Top 18 Reasons To Never Join A Sorority

Top 18 Reasons To Never Join A Sorority

Recruitment season is coming, beware!

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College is getting ready to begin again for the fall semester and that means one thing, Recruitment week for sororities across the United States. Be prepared for the high heels, tears, and bid day celebrations as Freshman girls search for their dream sisterhood. However, I think it is important that if you are even considering Greek life, you take a moment to read my top reasons to not join a sorority.

1. You are going to make lifelong friends.

2. You will probably also find your best friend.

3. Bid Day?

4. You will probably give back to the community... a lot.

5. There will always be someone to go watch a movie with you.

6. Getting a big is the worst.

7. Getting a little is even more worse.

8. Letters shirts aren't even that cute.

9. Is crafting really that fun?

10. Why are those paddles so popular?

11. Who really wants sisters across the United States?

12. It's not like it will help you grow as a leader.

13. Or a woman.

14. Nobody famous has been in a sorority.

15.The girls are so basic.

16. Will you really have good memories of having sisters?

17. It's not like they will be your bridesmaids.

18. I mean what is really so great about a sorority after all?

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