Top 10 Favorite Oscar Moments
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Top 10 Favorite Oscar Moments

Best Moments at The Oscars.

Top 10 Favorite Oscar Moments

I remember watching the oscars one year when Halle Berry won Best Actress for Monsters Ball. That was my first exposure to the Oscars and since then I looked forward to the Academy Awards every year. So here are my top favorite Oscar moments.

10. Roberto Benigni Receives Best Actor for "Life Is Beautiful".

Some will say that this win was controversial. In fact in Oscar history, it was controversial because many people at the time were hoping for Edward Norton to win Best Actor for his role in American History X, but this is one of my favorite Oscar moments because the happiness and cheer it brought to Benigni and honestly his performance in the film was goofy, but it worked. Plus watching this moment will make you smile as well.

9. Robin Williams wins Supporting Actor for "Good Will Hunting".

If you cry watching this's okay because we all still miss Robin Williams. This award meant a lot to Williams. His acceptance speech says it all. Longtime friend, Billy Crystal was so happy for his friend Robin too. We still miss you Robin. We always will.

8. Halle Berry Wins Best Actress for Monsters Ball

The first Oscar show I watched and I am glad I got to see the first African American Woman to win in the Best Actress category. I remember being happy when this happened after I asked my mom why she was crying. My mom told it was because she was the first African American woman to win Best Actress. I thought it was cool and then I understood why she was crying. To this day, I love watching this moment because it really meant a lot to Halle Berry and history was made.

7. Colin Firth Wins Best Actor for "The King's Speech".

Colin Firth is one of my favorite actors and The King's Speech is probably one of my favorite movies. He really deserved this Oscar and I recommend you watch The King's Speech and you'll understand why. I'm serious too.

6. Spotlight Wins Best Picture

One of my favorite movies of 2015 and it was well deserved. If you haven't seen it yet, I believe it's still on Netflix.

5. Brie Larson Wins Best Actress for "Room".

I loved Room personally and Larson's performance was speechless (that's a good thing). She definitely deserved the Oscar.

4. Charlie Chaplin Receives Honorary Oscar for his Legacy in Film.

In 1971 at the Oscars, the legend himself, Charlie Chaplin, received an honorary award for his legacy in film. He received the longest standing ovation in oscar history.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY Receives an Oscar!

I think it's safe to say that we all thought the same thing: "It's about time!". After 6 nominations, DiCaprio finally got his well deserved Oscar.

2. Sofia Coppola Wins Best Screenplay for Lost In Translation.

Her father gave us the The Godfather and she gave us Lost In Translation. This was the first screenplay I read all the way through and Sofia Coppola deserved the Oscar. She is definitely an influence for me personally.

1. Kathryn Bigelow Wins Best Director for The Hurt Locker.

The first female Director to win an Oscar and what an awesome moment. That is all I have to say.

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