I Despise Tomi Lahren's Politics, But Canceling Her 'Freedom' Clothing Is Anti-Woman

This past week, Tomi Lahren introduced an athleisure line called "Freedom" through Alexo Athletica, a brand that exclusively offers clothing designed to carry weapons like mace, tasers, and firearms in the name of self-defense. According to Lahren, this line was created in response to those who have called her too "controversial" to create a clothing line, based on her reputation as an outspoken Trump supporter and conservative TV personality. In a promotional video, she also stated that she intended for the brand to "represent freedom" for young girls across the country.

Let me be clear: I disagree with very many, if not all, of Tomi Lahren's political stances. Frankly, I find her arrogant and narrow-minded, and I feel that some of her viewpoints are hateful and dangerous because of the platform she has. Her claims that some believe she is too “controversial" to start a clothing line seem as if they were fabricated in order to provoke outrage and attract likeminded consumers.

With that said, I refuse to tear down another woman for making a name in the business world.

It's downright hypocritical to say you support women, but outwardly shame one for taking initiative and using her platform to start a brand. Climbing the ladder is hard enough as it is, and comments that criticize Lahren for venturing out into the world of consumerism do nothing but contribute to a toxic system that tears women down when they try to succeed.

If you're going to criticize Tomi Lahren, criticize her for her blatant racism. Criticize her for tearing down other women yet simultaneously claiming to empower them with this new line. Criticize her for her complete lack of sympathy for those who were born less privileged than her, and for her shameless attacks on immigrants. Refuse to patronize this new line, and make your voice heard by speaking out against the hatred she often promotes.

Just don't criticize the ambition that led her to do all this.

This constant rhetoric of tearing women down solely for their success is tired, and it has no place in today's America. People like Lahren bring others down and spread hatred, and they should be criticized for that. But when it comes to things like ambition and success, it is so important to be the bigger person and show support for your fellow woman even if you disagree with her fundamentally. If you're not doing it for Lahren's sake, you're doing it for young girls, future generations of successful women who won't be raised seeing others with their same determination torn down.

In the end, this new clothing line is wildly inconsequential. Spend your time and energy condemning all the things Tomi Lahren stands for, not a brand that will likely be obscure in just a few weeks.

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