Rude Customers

Since I got my first job, I've worked in food service. Throughout the few jobs I've had in this industry, I've obviously come in contact with the rude customers who complain about anything and everything if they don't get their way.

Within the past month, I've had two different people in two different locations yell at me because they didn't like what they were served. The first lady was upset with me because her husband ordered her the incorrect thing. The second man was upset because he ordered the wrong thing for a family member in the hospital.

In both situations, I had to explain to the customers that our policy is that we cannot replace your order for free because they ordered the wrong thing. And in both situations, they blew up on me.

Now, to those of you who treat us customer service employees like crap, here are some things you need to know:

I am just an employee following the rules.

I do not make the rules, I just follow them.

It's not my fault when the prices increase.

It's not my fault when things are discontinued from the menu.

It's not my fault that it's busy and you had to wait in a line before you were served.

It's not my fault you ordered the wrong thing for your spouse.

It's not my fault that your coupon expired and I'm not longer allowed to accept it.

It's not my fault that one of my coworkers chooses to disobey the rules and give you what you want because I control myself only, and I follow the rules I am given.

It's not my fault another company has a different policy.

I am just an employee, working to save money for college.

I love my job, but it's irritating having to deal with people who choose to belittle employees for rules that are made by an owner/manager/corporate office.

I would never disrespect anyone and I am never rude to the customers who enter while I'm working, so there is absolutely no reason for you to be disrespecting me because of things that are out of my control.

If you have an issue, anyone would be happy to address it for you...if you speak in a civil and polite manner. You are NOT accomplishing ANYTHING AT ALL when you decided to yell at me or talk down on me.

I know policies and rules can be unfair and I understand why some get upset by them, but I can't do anything about what rules are made and why. I am simply paid to serve you while following the rules.

So, next time you want to be rude or snarky to someone serving you, just remember these things. And remember that the people waiting on you are human too. So start treating them like it instead of treating them like dirt.

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