From the start of our friendship, we were always two different individuals. We complimented each other. Yin and yang. We shared some views, but not many. We wanted similar things in life, but we were on different paths. We had opposite personalities, which ultimately contributed to our downfall. I'm writing to thank you for the memories we made and to let you know you gave me the strength I needed to respect myself.

We became best friends in a matter of months. We spent so much time together, bonding over shitty teachers and even shittier people. I was new and wanted to meet others, expand my friend group and experience new things. I began meeting individuals, most of which you knew well. You advised me to keep my distance. But I forced myself to see the good in everyone and believed people could change. I should've listened.

From that point on, I was cautious. I began to hide my emotions from view because others took advantage of them. You told me to be open with my feelings. I continued to hide them and encountered many failed attempts at happiness. You always told me I could and should do better. I didn't want to admit you were right at the time, but I will now. It wasn't until I moved away from home that I realized the advice you gave me wasn't to keep me from being happy, it was to make the quality of my life better.

I have continued to use your advice in my current social life. Every piece has worked wonders. I have an improved outlook of my value and know how I should be treated. I have patience and handle every situation with the utmost confidence. I'm not afraid to get hurt. I'm stronger than ever thanks to you.