10 Healthy Tips for College Students
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Health and Wellness

10 Tips For A Healthy College Lifestyle Even When All You Want To Do Is Take A Nap

Making these small changes over time will add up to an overall healthier lifestyle!

10 Tips For A Healthy College Lifestyle Even When All You Want To Do Is Take A Nap

Living a healthy lifestyle can seem difficult or intimidating when we are under so much pressure to perform in our fast-paced and high demand lifestyles! When we are constantly on the go, it is hard to push ourselves to be healthier when we feel like we have little to no time to "be healthy."

Here are some tips that I have learned recently in order to improve my overall health and wellness! These are simple changes I was able to make in my everyday life that make "being healthy" much less intimidating and much more doable in my every day and busy lifestyle!

Get A Fitbit!

Track your health and fitness!


Getting a Fitbit was the little thing that made me change everything! I was able to track how many steps I was taking, how many calories I was burning, how many sets of stairs I climbed every day, and how much exercise I was getting. In the beginning, it was really disappointing to see how inactive I was actually being every single day! Being able to physically see this on my Fitbit app on my phone was what ended up pushing me to start making more and more little changes in my everyday life!

There are many options other than Fitbit, so check out the top health tracking devices here.

Download MyFitnessPal!

Track your calories easily!


Once you have a Fitbit, you can then download MyFitnessPal and track your calorie intake! You can link the two apps and track your fitness and sleeping habits in Fitbit and track your eating habits in MyFitnessPal. These two apps work together to help you see what you are eating and how much you are exercising and then find ways to work towards your overall fitness goals!

If you don't like MyFitnessPal or want to explore your options, then check out this article about the most recommended calorie tracking apps of 2019. Everyone likes something different! MyFitnessPal is what works for me, but you might like something different!

Download a Fitness App!

Fitness Apps let you customize your workouts & take them on the go!


Fitness is important to your overall health and wellness. It is recommended by the Mayo Clinic to get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week! If you decide to get a Fitbit, you can also download the Fitbit Coach app that Fitbit has and use the workouts in that app, which is mostly free! There are tons of fitness and workout apps or streaming channels out there, you just have to try a few until you find one that you love!

Join a Gym or Fitness Group!

This is my #FitFamily at #UptownNutrition in Greenville, NC!


If you can't find a fitness app or streaming channel that you like or you don't like to work out alone, then find a local gym or fitness group to work out with a few times each week. Working out three days each week for approximately one hour is the best way to get into a good fitness routine.

Here are some of the top national gym chains of 2019! If you are interested in good locally owned gyms in the Greenville, NC area, check these out! Personally, I work out with a FitCamp group through Uptown Nutrition!

Get A Big Water Bottle & Decorate It!

Find personalized water bottles on Etsy or ideas for decorating your own on Pinterest!


Most people do not drink enough water! Ideally, according to most health, wellness, and nutrition gurus, you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every single day! Read more here! If you do this, you will not only be visiting the bathroom much more, but you will be hydrating your body so that it feels better and doesn't need to hold onto excess and you will slowly begin to lose weight!

Check out Pinterest or Esty for ideas on personalized water bottle!

Get A Portable Organizer For Your Supplements!

Find creative ways to remember to take your supplements with you!


I started taking supplements a few months ago and just gave up after forgetting to take them at certain times. Recently, I decided to invest in a large pill organizer that would fit into my backpack or purse and now I am on track with taking my supplements when I am supposed to! Bringing my supplements with me in a nice organizer that I decorated makes me much more excited about pulling it out and taking my supplements!

Find out about the most recommended pill organizers of 2019 here!

Invest In A CrockPot!

Crockpot meals can be easy & healthy!


Healthy crockpot recipes are available all over Pinterest! If you live a busy life but want to come home to a warm, healthy dinner, then a good crockpot meal is the way to go! You can throw a few ingredients into the crockpot and let it cook over four to eight hours while you are at school or at work.

I have a large digital crockpot, so it automatically goes from cooking to a warming setting after the appropriate number of hours, so I don't have to worry about overcooking my dinner. I also like to double my recipes so that I have leftovers for the rest of the week. Check out some of the top recommended crockpots here!

To make clean up easier, you can also purchase crockpot liners, so all you have to do it throw the liner away and wipe out the inside of the crockpot with a warm, soapy dishcloth.

Get A Lunchbox & Reusable Containers!

Bento Lunchboxes are very popular, easily portable, and keep food organized!


Packing your lunch can be beneficial to your health and to your pocket! You don't need a big, bulky lunchbox to lug around all the time. A lunchbox should be just big enough for the appropriate portion sizes you need throughout the day. Bento lunchboxes have become very popular for single lunch meals, or you can find a lunchbox with a few bento box pieces to plan your lunch and snacks for the day.

Check out a list of the best lunch boxes of 2019 here!

Get A Sound Machine To Improve Sleep Quality!

Avantek Sound Machine available on Amazon!


I bought a sound machine a few months ago that has 20 different soothing sounds that play continuously for either a certain number of hours or until you decide to turn it off. This has helped me to fall asleep faster and sleep better longer than when I wasn't using it. I wake up feeling so much better and well rested than when I was not using it.

Here are more options for sound machines to improve your sleep. If you do not want to buy a sound machine, you can also download an app that plays soothing noises while you sleep.

Go To Bed Earlier & Wake Up Earlier!


Being a college student, it is hard to force yourself to go to bed at a certain time when you have a long list of things you have to do in the back of your head. However, when I am able to set those things aside and go to bed earlier, then I find myself waking up earlier and able to get a jumpstart on that to-do list.

The earlier you go to sleep, the more sleep you will get, and the more well rested you will feel when you wake up, and you will likely wake up earlier! I always feel so much more productive throughout the day when I am able to go to sleep early and wake up early! Setting a healthy sleep schedule is one of the foundations of living a healthier lifestyle overall!

Making any of these small changes in your lifestyle can really add up over time! You don't need to overwhelm yourself by making all these changes at one time. Simply by making one of these changes per week over a few weeks and that will really make a difference!

For more tips on living a healthier lifestyle, check out these 101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students!

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