Letting go of someone or something can be extremely difficult. Especially when you've grown attached to that someone and hold a special kind of love for them.

However, we all reach a point where we know it time to let go, but first, we have to walk away.

Walking away is the hardest part of letting someone go. It's the moment you have to admit that there is nothing worth fighting for anymore. It's the only step in letting go where you have to actually cut the other person out of your life. The rest of letting go can be handled in privacy, but not walking away.

When you first walk away from someone, it's the first time in days, months, or maybe even years that you go longer than 24 hours without talking to this person. It's the first time you realize that whatever friendship or relationship you had is completely over. That's why it's the hardest part of letting go.

But when you know it's time to walk away, you can't keep fighting. If you do, you're only going to hurt yourself. And yes, walking away can hurt too, but the longer you hold on the longer you will hurt.

Knowing when it's time to walking away and actually walking away will save you from a lifetime of unanswered questions and unrequited feelings.

So please... just walk away.