Tierra Whack Deserves Your Immediate Attention
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You Should Be Paying More Attention To Tierra Whack

The 23 year old from Philly just trying to make it in the male dominated industry of rap

You Should Be Paying More Attention To Tierra Whack

After releasing five singles this year and her full length album last year, Tierra Whack has been drawing in a lot of attention. In 2017, she released four singles, her 15 track album Recently releasing her first full length album "Whack World", Tierra Whack has been gaining a large amount of attention.

On Spotify, Whack has over 6 million streams on "Hungry Hippo" as her most streamed song and over 2 million monthly streams, according to Spotify. Now that's all good and well that she's got numbers, but what makes her different?

Tierra Whack "Hungry Hippo" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified www.youtube.com

The 23 year old from Philadelphia has a very unique approach to rap as a female. Most female rappers that are on the charts right now are within the same vein of each other, except Whack, she runs along more of the side that has been dominated been predominantly men since the beginning.

In February, she dropped 'CLONES', a song about her style being copied now and how she's just trying to be herself and staying out of the limelight. However, at the same time, she recently revealed that Apple Music has taken her on as the subject of a documentary that came out in February. Other artists like 6LACK, Khalid, and Juice WRLD have also been featured in the series of the documentaries as well.

Tierra Whack's Labor Of Self-Love, From Car Wash To Critical Mass

Tierra Whack's Labor Of Self-Love, From Car Wash To Critical Mass www.npr.org

A misplaced Grammy nomination meets classic blaxploitation as hip-hop's rising star recalls the watershed period in her journey to self-discovery.

Right now, Tierra is part of the possible candidates for the XXL Freshman class which is notorious for giving multiple artists a bigger platform to promote themselves and be seen by the "main-stream" listeners. Popular artists like Playboi Carti, Aminé, and Kyle were all members of the 2017 Freshman class.

It is apparent that Whack is getting the platform she deserves, but what makes her so deserving of it?

In one of my favorite songs by her, "Shit Happens", she addresses the idea that if she dies young, to remind everyone that she lived life well and doesn't hold any regrets. There is also a very apparent message of feeling lost "not making it home" which is a feeling I believe a lot people in college and even young adulthood struggle with.

With Tierra Whack coming out with five singles this year, hopefully, we can expect another album from her soon. Until then, explore more of her music here.

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