We've all been to Target, with the sole purpose of only getting ONE damn thing.

Yet we know what seems like 5 minutes actually turns into 2 hours and you end up leaving with a cart full of stuff you never really needed, and a receipt a mile long.

Don't try to hide it, you either 1) nodding your head agreeing to this statement or 2) you're in denial. But if I can tell you one thing you have probably had these thoughts while at Target.

"1. You are only here for ONE item."

2. "Getting a cart won't hurt anything. Right?"

Remember, carrying a basket is like carrying a weight. Ain't no one got time for that.

3. "Do I really need this?"

*Throws item in the cart anyway*

4. "It's only the dollar section."

So many cute things for one dollar, you heard that right, just a dollar.

5. "Where's my sister I want to Kick her butt at the video games."

Loser buys popcorn.

6. "Popcorn smells so good right now."

I'm sure you can smell it now.

7. "Again, do I need this?"

8. "Do I have a gift card?"

90% of the time you know you don't, but wonder anyway.

9. "Of course I have to check out the clearance."

Except that's about 50% of the store if you know where to look.

10. "I failed again."

You were supposed to get one thing.