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10 thoughts you have while watching the world cup


10 thoughts you have while watching the world cup

It's been two weeks since the World Cup started, I lost count of how many matches I've watched at this point. But what I can say is ever match is different, you never know what to expect sometimes when you think the game is going to play out one way doesn't end up happening and a hundred things go wrong. But what I can say is with every match I find myself thinking the same thing. The biggest of which is, 'can they just make a goal already!'.

If you've been keeping up with the matches or have even watched a few then these are some things you might have also thought about as the game went on.

How was that a penalty????


The worst thing that could happen in a soccer game is when a referee calls a penalty. When that happens a player from the opposing team who was did not cause the referral to call a penalty will get a free kick to goal, where only the goalie can try to cover him from making a goal. When this happens all we're left with is to yell at the TV screen if we think the referee's call was not justified.

Why are they going to the VAR?

A new system released for the first time this world cup the VAR has already been the best and worst thing that has come out of this cup so far. While there are referees on the field now there are more referees watching in a secluded room from a number of monitors and angles to get a better glimpse of the game. Their meant to catch mistakes the main referee on the field calls on things such as whether a specific move was a penalty or not. If it's called into review by the VAR then the referee on the field must go to a screen and watch the replay of the possible penalty over again and decide to either make a new call or stick to what he originally said. Up till now in the matches I've see it's either been helpful in making the right call when something that was not originally called a penalty became one. But for the most part it hasn't really been helpful, calling something that was clearly not a penalty into question-- rather all it does is waste more time.

Omg their legs are so fit


When the players are up in the air or take a bad fall cameras zoom in so close its hard not to notice how muscular and nice their legs are. You don't have to know anything about soccer to realize how true this is.

Can they just make a goal already they've come so close!!


Can't tell you how many times I've seen players in a number of games come close to making a goal; then have something go wrong and coming close 10 more times after that. It's the honesty the worst and the main cause of all my yelling.

How do they do that with their heads?


Many times during each match you will see a lot of players moving the ball across the field soley using their heads. It amazes me how they are able to control it so well just with their heads; though many times its the cause of concussions and sometimes having to substitute players.

That wasn't a yellow card! Why did he give it to him??


Sometimes the referees make the wrong call when it comes to giving a player a yellow card. If they saw something like the interference of leg, pulling a player back or bumping into them on purpose then they will pull that yellow card out. Sometimes we're biased and say it was nothing because its our favorite player who gets the card but other times players really are to blame. As long as player doesn't get two yellow cards because then that means they will have to miss the next game.

I hate the colors they're wearing


Though players usually wear outfits based on the colors of their flag it doesn't mean their appealing. While there are so really nice ones such as Argentina with blue and white stripes, France with royal blue and white or Uruguay with light blue and black. But there are a few that aren't to my liking.

You got it! Come on! Come on!


As the game starts to pick up and the players getting closer to making goals. The players start running as they head for an opening to try and make a goal. Then all of a sudden it ends; someone interferes, they trip, the ball goes up or theirs a penalty. Now you're left waiting for that next opportunity when they could make a goal.

I wish I were that fit


Can you imagine how fit they must be?!? They have to be if they're going to be running for 90 minutes plus overtime, running back and forth as they chase the ball and run the entire field to make a goal. Makes me feel bad about myself for a minute as I eat chips and guacamole in traditional soccer fashion. Only to forget about it all and go back to eating and watching the game.



The best part about a soccer game is when the players score. You never what they're going to do sometimes the players mounting each other, dancing and running around. Their reactions are priceless and its so exciting to watch everyone in the audience cheer on their goal!

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