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Thank You, To Those Who Kept Me Grounded During My First Semester Of College

Transitioning to college is more than hard, but it would be straight up impossible without a good support system.

Abhi Gautam

This isn't the first article I've written about my transition to college life and it probably won't be the last. But if you haven't read my other pieces here is the gist of it: I am an out of state student who moved 700 miles away from home to come to a college where I knew a grand total of no one.

Before college, I lived in the same town my entire life. I graduated with people who I've known since preschool and I had a close knit group of friends with whom I shared everything. On top of that, I am very close with my family, both those that live with me and my extended family that live nearby. Leaving New Jersey meant a new start, which I was excited for, but it also meant leaving everything, and everyone, I've ever known behind.

Living in the Midwest started off as nice change from the drama and fast-paced life in the Northeast, but it quickly became apparent that everything I knew about myself back home meant nothing in my life in college. The way I ate, the way I slept, the way I studied, and the way I partied all changed when I came to college. Everything from something as simple as the way I made my bed to something as multifaceted as the way I make decisions all had to change with my environment.

While change is an integral part of life and one that I was looking forward to by the end of senior year, being thrown into such an unknown situation quickly turned my curiosity for new beginnings from interesting to anxiety-inducing. I genuinely don't think that I would have survived without the people, both back home and here on campus, that stood by me all semester.

So here's to my bestie back home who video chatted every day, sometimes multiple times a day, just to remind me that she's always got my back. She listened to every dumb complaint about dining hall food and every existential question I've had on campus. She is the first person I call when the world feels like it's collapsing. It is truly a blessing to have someone who knows who you were, who you wanted to be, and who you are. She passes zero judgment on my failures, and my questionable humor, and constantly motivates me to follow my dreams and believe in my goals.

Of course, my family also played a huge part in my transition. Even though nothing is comparable to my dad's hugs and my mom's food, being able to call them up at any time of day (or night) and hear their words of encouragement reminded me that despite what it may feel like, I truly am not alone. My family will always be in my corner cheering me on. Another really big thing I realized when I came to college is how truly unconditional the love of your family is. Every time I called my mom or dad or brother with another dumb decision I didn't know how to deal with, I was greeted with solutions and support instead of anger or disappointment. They always focused on teaching me to learn from my mistakes rather than dwell on them.

And of course, my roomie. She is my constant companion on campus. We are the same person with the same sense of humor and the same size of jeans. If it wasn't for her I would probably feel like I was in my own personal hell because my life would be so quiet. Our late night talks and sleep deprived dance fests made even the most stressful weeks bearable.

Thank you Amma, Nanna, Aditya, Maansi, Alisha, Abhi, Dhruva, and everyone else who was there for the good times and the bad this semester. I love you all.

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