This Latest Trend Will Challenge Your Mental Toughness To The Max
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This Latest Trend Will Challenge Your Mental Toughness To The Max

Lets face it, we all struggle with out mental perseverance at one point or another.

This Latest Trend Will Challenge Your Mental Toughness To The Max
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Everyday, we are exposed to hundreds of trends, old and new, that most people eagerly jump on the bandwagon of doing despite the fact they do little to nothing to improve our lives and most of the time, end up just wasting a bunch of time. These trends might be pranks on siblings, couple goals, dancing or whatever other ridiculous thing social media comes up with. Don't get be wrong, I'm as guilty as the next person of falling into the rabbit hole that is the creation and consumption of trending videos. That being said, these are not the types of trends I am discussing here today. The latest trend I have come across is one that many have attempted but fewer have truly succeeded at.

Over the past few months, more and more videos and stories have been shared about a certain program. A program designed to push people beyond their mental limits and habits. This is called 75 Hard and it was designed by Andy Frisella, your above average business man based out of St. Louis Missouri.

Now, we all have experienced one, or all, of these feelings; the feeling of being stuck in the same routine just going through the motions but never moving forward, having little to no motivation or energy, making one excuse after another because you want life to be easy, procrastinating or altering things to better suit you out of pure laziness. Sound familiar? Well, these are the exact things Frisella recognized within himself, and others, that inspired him to create a completely free program, or challenge if you will, that can change your mentality forever in the matter of a year.

75 Hard consists of very few and simple daily rules including drinking a gallon of water everyday, completing two workouts (one must be completed outside: no excuses), follow a diet of your choice, absolutely no alcohol or cheat meals, take a daily progress picture, and read 10 pages of a nonfiction book. Here is the catch, it doesn't have hard in the title for no reason. Frisella makes it clear that if at any point throughout the 75 day program, the rules are broken, you have to start all the way over. Still sound easy to you? Well that makes one of us!

The goal of this has nothing to do with weight loss or any other physical change, although that is often a result of this process. No, this program is completely centered around our abilities to stick to something through the end even in the most un-ideal situations. Each rule is specifically chosen to challenge mental toughness and readjust a persons outlook.

I know, this might sound a million times less exciting and fun than learning the renegade from your younger siblings and completely embarrassing yourself on Tik-Tok. But hear me out, mental health, physical health and mental toughness can be made to be fun to. Although fun doesn't equate to being easy, it is refreshing to see something trending that might have a positive effect on a person rather than just something to pass the time. Although, this could be good for that too I suppose!

So, if you are anything like me and would like to see personal growth and change within yourself that will make you more confident, motivated, and accountable to yourself and others (or if you just love a good challenge) this might be something to pass the time during the 2020 Covid summer! I mean, let's face it, we could all use a little help in the department of procrastination!

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