13 Things College Kids Do That Are Only Acceptable During Finals Week
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Student Life

13 Things College Kids Do That Are Only Acceptable During Finals Week

Never have I ever felt more accepted for my actions than during finals week.

13 Things College Kids Do That Are Only Acceptable During Finals Week

Finals week is a multitude of things for the average college student. It is both the greatest week (because you know it is the only thing standing in between you and summer), but it is also the most difficult week in a college students semester. This is the week in which every teacher gets to test you on what you were supposed to have learned throughout the semester, and also the week in which you reteach yourself all the things you didn't learn throughout the semester when you should have. If you've gotten through finals weeks in the past, or maybe you're embarking on your first one within the next few weeks, you definitely know these thirteen things to be true. Good luck, and may the finals Gods bless you during this hard time.

1. Pulling multiple all-nighters in a row to accomplish everything you need to before the end of the semester.

There is nothing like having an exam, project, paper and presentation due in one quick week. But add in the fact that they’re all happening back-to-back? This amounts to one thing: a whole bunch of all-nighters strung in a row. Maybe you’re lacking sleep, and maybe you can’t remember what the insides of your eye lids look like. But hey, at least you got them all in on time!

2. Sleeping literally anywhere.

When you’ve spent the normal sleeping hours studying for the impending doom final you have in the morning, you’ll start getting creative with places and times you can catch a quick nap. When you’ve got time to kill between exams and you’ve exhausted your brain to the point of not being able to study anymore, you might find yourself drifting off in the library. Just be sure not to miss your finals.

3. Eating all the foods - really more like stress-eating all of the foods.

When the stress of exams becomes too much, you might find yourself reaching for the nearest edible food item. Pickiness really doesn't apply much in this situation. Stress-eating seems to calm us all down. It's OK when life feels like it's crumbling around you. Mac and cheese is there to save the day.

4. Finding anything to eat as a meal that doesn’t involve time or actual cooking.

Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ’Nuff said.

5. Forgetting about personal hygiene for extended periods of time, like a few days… or a week.

Let us not go too crazy with this one during this finals season. Showers are very much appreciated and actually wake you up! However, everyone will find that it becomes totally acceptable to roll into class half asleep in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Hopefully you brushed your hair, but no one will judge you for it if you didn’t. It’s finals week. Things happen.

6. Neglecting your social life and going into seclusion.

It’s just you and yourself during finals week. And honestly, I imagine it like a little game of "Survivor" and you’ve just been exiled. During finals week, students seclude themselves from others, except maybe a friend in a class you are studying with, as it limits distractions. It probably stops you from goofing off while you’re trying to study, and keeps you in the library where you belong during finals week.

7. Wearing literally anything.

Including, but not limited to, pajamas. Probably the ones you slept in the night before. No judgements.

8. Having some form of caffeinated beverage in your hand at all times.

No one does caffeine like a college student during finals week. This is probably the only times in your life when it is completely OK to drink soda or Red Bull at 8 a.m..

9. Crying in public. Anywhere, at any time.

College students as a collective unit have mastered the art of mental breakdowns due to class. During finals week I like to allow myself 15 minutes of solid panicking per day due to finals and deadlines before I have to cut the nonsense and get stuff done.

10. Studying anywhere and everywhere.

College students get creative when it comes to studying during finals. The walks to class become prime time for studying and honestly, who needs to look where they’re going when they walk? The cars should know to move out of your way. It’s finals week. Duh.

11. Talking to yourself.

OK, not in a crazy way. Talking to yourself in the sense of going over what you need to get done as you’re walking to your next class, or maybe quizzing yourself on what you need to know for your next exam.

12. Avoiding the reality that is this hellish week.

Sometimes, you just have to push everything finals related away for a few hours and relax with some Netflix.

13. Burning all of the papers you won’t ever need again once finals week officially ends.

Or is that one just me?

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