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One of the major problems with the IT industry is that it does not follow conscious practices. The IT industry is quite mechanised and there is no room for consciousness.

Think To Share IT solutions is a very unique digital brand in India and since we cover and bring you only the most unique stories, we will talk about this revolutionary company today.

While we all can see that the IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India but they are a lot of problems with the IT industry.

One of the major problems with the IT industry is that it does not follow conscious practices. The IT industry is quite mechanised and there is no room for consciousness.

Spirituality is something that is totally absent from the industry and this is something that makes the entire industry very harsh morally.

While of course we can see big companies contributing for the environment and also doing philanthropic work but that is besides their work, there is much to be asked for this holistic approach in the actual operations.


Think To Share is an advanced 21st-century company that has every cutting-edge technology there is in the world.

The thing that differentiates them from the competition is that they do not forget their roots. Upon our interview, we came to know a lot of things and with that, we begin to admire and appreciate them.

The team at Think To Share respect and know that their roots are from a very spiritual part of the world, they know that good deeds are everything that matters in this country.

That is why they always keep in mind that every action taken by the company should never harm anything and must always be thoughtful and holistic.

This is so deeply ingrained in the company that even the name Think To Share references this philosophy.

This means that the company invest heavily in the welfare of not only their staff but everyone that they interact with.



Think To Share has an excellent approach for clients and there is something special that they believe in.

They believe in creating relationships with the clients and they not only try to understand the client's wishes but always try to keep the client in the decision-making fold at all times.

Their approach for client management is quite special because this is evident by the way they handle service requests.

They have a simple open communication channel with senior developers and the clients so that the client can request any change at all times.

And they always advocate for total transparency with the client even if that means the project can be taken away from them.

This has enabled this new company to stand out among the crowd as being one of the most understanding IT companies out there.

The people also like to involve the clients in various events and meets and always try to involve the clients with the team so that they can have an excellent working relationship.

From our understanding, we have even found this relationship to be so beneficial that it’s sometimes difficult to understand who is the client and who is the team member.

This kind of holistic approach allows them to be one with the client's vision and work towards a common goal and that is the success of the project.

If we compare this to the approach of other companies then we will find that the clients are kept quite secluded and only the higher administration stays in contact with them.

This creates a boundary and isolation between the core team members and the clients and this is not very beneficial for the industry.


This is a very honest fact but also a very hard-hitting fact about the IT industry in India or rather the IT industry of the world.

IT workers and team members are not given quite the amount of respect that they deserve.

It is them that keep the companies running and the cash flowing and compared to that they are not at all treated well.

They are looked upon like assets rather than humans and they are overworked and under-compensated.

This is very bad for morale but the industry is set up in such a way that the regular IT employee cannot go any place else because that place will also have the same set of systems.

Things are different at Think To Share. The work culture is so different that the senior administration and the team members interact as if they are friends.

Everyone from the highest to the youngest member is encouraged to share their thoughts whenever wherever possible.

Objections are encouraged so that they are always thought to follow a holistic and morally right path even while doing the coding.

Think To Share believes that this is quite important and falls in line with the core philosophy of the nation.

They believe that the conscience should be clear and only when it is so the work will be perfect.

They have some of the best pay scales throughout the industry and this might mean that the company profits take a hit.

But Think To Share CEO Parag Nandy Roy has this to say,” It is the employees that make Think To Share, not the turnover”.

This kind of approach is closely modelled after IT giants like Google and Apple.

And this is also because everybody at Think To Share is quite focused and passionate and the company, therefore, take it as a responsibility to keep the passionate people happy.

It is rare to see a website design company in Kolkata like Think To Share which is so young and new follow such a high standard of morale, ethics and holistic working approach.Perhaps it is simply because of this kind of approach that made them who they are today.

All the information gathered in this blog has been independently researched by our researchers and bloggers and they are in no capacity affiliated with Think To Share.

In fact, Think To Share’s CEO would be quite surprised when he finds out we are writing a blog about his company because he is such a humble individual.

For more size blogs on unique companies like this, do follow us and also check out our other blogs.

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