Things you didn't think to bring back to school
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Student Life

Things you didn't think to bring back to school

A list of 10 wacky things some of you may have forgotten when packing for school.

Things you didn't think to bring back to school
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It's back to school time and for many that means it's time to pack up some of your stuff and head to campus. While packing, I continuously came across things I knew I wanted to bring with me but weren't found on my list of things to pack. Some of these things may be a "Duh!" to you, but most of these items were write-ins on my personal packing list. Here is list of wacky things that may have slipped your mind while packing. Hopefully you have time to pick a few of these up over this long weekend!

1. A Coloring Book

You're probably thinking, really? A coloring book? Yes, you would be surprised how much I've used my coloring book to simply unwind and distress since I've moved in last week. Unfortunately it creates a creative way to procrastinate but on the positive side the rush of creativity could be beneficial during times when you aren't sure how to start a paper.

2. A jar of change

We often take for granted the clean folded shirts in our drawers and the fresh smelling sweaters hanging in our closets. Paying for laundry was not the first thing that came to mind when I excitedly started hanging my clothes in my closet on move in day. I was extremely grateful I grabbed the jar of change sitting on a book shelf before heading out the door. Not only will this change be useful for laundry, but also for things such as meters, treats at Starbucks throughout the week, and even small unexpected expenditures.

3. A pasta strainer

So this doesn't really apply to those that stay in dorms but it definitely does for those in apartment. Although I had purchased pasta and spaghetti in preparation for move in, one of the last things I purchased was a strainer. Again, we forget how lucky we are to have our parents feed us. How many times have you eaten a homemade spaghetti dinner and acknowledged that strainer was part of the process of getting that food on your plate?

4. A water filtration system

I personally enjoy the water pitcher my roommate and I keep in the fridge, while my roommate enjoys the Britta water bottle which she can fill up at any location and have filtered drinking water. You won't realize this is necessary until you take a sip of unfiltered water and there's a weird after taste. Some people can go without noticing, unfortunately I am not one of those people. You can even check out for all your filtration needs! (I also shared the image above from this website.)

5. Light Bulbs

I was relieved when I spent my first night doing homework at my desk, that I could turn on my desk light and have my desk light up. I was disappointed when I spent a few minutes trying to "fix" my living room lamp that was "plugged in but just wouldn't work." It's a habit to walk into your bedroom at home, flip a switch, and spread some light. Many students often forget that most appliances and light fixtures don't include light bulbs due to their parents typically dealing with issues like that.

(This image was found at

6. Batteries

The worst feeling in the world is getting out of bed or off the couch to turn the volume on the TV up when you finally have found the most comfortable position. To avoid terrible scenarios like this, the best thing to do is keep batteries on hand in your dorm or apartment. Although many back to school lists include batteries, it's often something that is overlooked due to the rare use of them today.

7. Speakers

Academically, these have no value to you but you'll appreciate them when you're showering or even get ready for class. Sure you could just play the music straight from the phone, but to really enjoy music you have to be able to , correct? Correct! Get the speakers, you won't regret it!


8. A journal

We're currently living days we'll "remember for the rest of our lives." What better way to remember them than a book used to write about the crazy days and nights of your college career. Some things you may want to write down just to get off your chest, or get it out of your head. Writing it a great way to clear your head and get your creative vibes flowing. You may not think you'll look back at it but maybe one day when you're packing all your college things up to start your post graduate life- you may sit next to some boxes and laugh at the silly things you documented.


9. Pictures & Posters !

Most people decide to leave the decorations at home- college is a place for learning. Well, what better way to make your college living space more cozy then to make it feel a little bit like home? Creating a comfortable space, whether it's a dorm room or an apartment bedroom, is a necessary part of being successful in college. The best place to unwind and relax is the safe haven you create for yourself away from campus classes and chaos. The best part about bringing your own pictures and posters is having things around you that you enjoy, aside from learning of coarse !


10. Fridge Magnets

Okay so these definitely aren't a necessity but I didn't realize how much I actually needed these until I had already moved into my apartment. Posting things on the fridge is an excellent way to stay on the same page as your roomie or even a great place to post reminders for yourself. I keep appointments and important assignments posted on the fridge with a magnet as an easy way to remember, since it's something we all use everyday!


I hope this list helped you remember a few things when packing to go back to college! If you forgot any of these wacky items when you came back, this long weekend is the perfect time to pick those up!

Good luck to everyone returning to school this year!

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