Dear 16-Year-Old Me,

Your mom may seem like she is out to get you, but she isn't. Every time she tells you how you said or did something wrong, it is because she wants to help guide you to be a better person. And when you don't get to do something that seems perfectly reasonable in your mind, she is actually saying no in order to protect you.

Everything she does is out of complete love for you.

She will sacrifice time, money, and get a few gray hairs all to make sure that you have everything you need. Your mom is not your enemy, but actually your best friend.

She will always be there for you no matter how many times you mess up.

She will still be there even after you yell at her over and over again. Your mom will always listen and be there with open arms, so treat her kindly.

She deserves the world you know, so please try to give it to her. Tell her she is beautiful because she is. Remind her how much you love her because no amount of words can actually express how much you do.

I wish I would have.

Pick good friends because they will end up influencing how you act. Find true, genuine friends who will encourage and lift you up. Don't keep trying to be friends with girls who have the image but not the heart. Your cried tears over lousy friendships are not worth it. Anyone who makes fun of you or treats you like crap does not deserve your time. You are worth so much more than what others think of you. Their thoughts and opinions are not what define you, your actions and words are. So please, choose good friends.

Don't let your heart be crushed by a boy. I know he seems like he has it all, but does he treat you right? That is what matters. Please don't let him play with your heart and string you along. No boy is worth crying day in and day out over. He is also 16 and just doesn't get it; even when he is older he still might not, it is just how guys are. If you have so many expectations, you will just be disappointed over and over again. And to cheer you up, here is a spoiler: You will find an amazing guy who treats you so well.

Here are some odds and ends to know: Treat your siblings well because they are your family and will always be there, use a wand to curl your hair (it works wonders), read more books, stay off social media, give more hugs, smile at strangers, keep singing in the shower, keep dancing in your room, know that you don't need a face full of makeup to look pretty, stop doing the duck face, laugh out loud more, wear your retainer, go outside more and just try to not worry about what anyone else thinks.

You got this,

19-Year-Old Me