School is wrapping up and summer is coming! We have about two weeks until finals, so most of the tests and projects have been wrapped up. We have two weeks of peace before the stress of finals hit us. So if you're finding yourself bored in this time period, here is a list of things to do to keep yourself busy.

1. Take a nap.

You finally have some time to catch up on your sleep! Use it.

2. Read a book.

It's hard to make time to read during school, so use this time to make a dent in your 'To Read' list!

2. Binge watch a show.

We usually do this regardless of school work... but now you have an excuse to do it!

4. Go workout.

Sorry, now you have no excuses.

5. Write.

Write a story. Write a poem. Write a list.

6. Eno.

Grab some friends and a book and go enoing!

7. Go tanning.

Get a head start before the summer break.

8. Throw a frisbee.

Grab some hall mates and head to the quad for a game of Ultimate frisbee.

9. Bake some cookies.

Bake some cookies that you can then eat while you study for your finals.

10. Call your parents.

Call your parents! They'll appreciate it and you will too once the conversation is over.

11. Have a game night.

Have a Smash Night. Pull out the Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly. Or if you live in Athens, head to the Rook and Pawn.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to enjoy your free time before your finals!!