12 Things Parents Of Millennials Most Definitely Did In The '80s
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12 Things Parents Of Millennials Most Definitely Did In The '80s

Your mom probably had a perm at some point.

12 Things Parents Of Millennials Most Definitely Did In The '80s

If you have ever rummaged through your parents' belongings from when they were teenagers to mid-twenties?

You may have found either item in relation to the things mentioned on this list, or have seen photographs with their hair larger than life, or maybe even apparel mirroring that of the famous "brat pack"- at least I think that's what they called it. My dear readers, welcome to the '80s and all its "bitchin'" glory.

Here are some things your parents probably did during this iconic and revolutionary time:

1. Wore Jellies And Hoop Earrings

If you are my age, that of a current college student, you may not even know what jellies are. I had no idea. Upon researching them, I found that these shoes were one of the biggest trends of the '80s and even carried over into the early '90s. The shoes came in a variety of bright colors (a commonality of this era). Verdict is, they were not as comfortable as they may sound. Your mother probably paired this look with some also brightly colored, or painfully large hoop earrings.

2. Went To General Admissions Concerts

This was as chaotic as it sounds. Even Wrigley Field no longer offers general admissions- sort of seems like for a good reason too. These concerts in the '80s were first-come-first serve. There was no scanning the barcode downloaded to your phone from StubHub or Ticketmaster. It meant getting to the concert early, like early early, as in spending the night before at the venue, to get in. This became an issue as people got more than a little energetic and eager to see their beloved Beastie Boys or Madonna. This led to many injuries and instances of concert-goers being trampled by the crowd. Yikes! Ask your parents for a story about their first concert, maybe they even have a scar to show for it.

3. Watched Movies Starring "The Brat Pack"

OK, I hadn't even heard of this one until my mother and co-workers told me about who were considered "brat pack" members. This nickname was given to the group of young actors who appeared in numerous films together throughout the '80s. While many of kids my age are familiar with the movies and actors of the "brat pack", I don't think very many of us were aware they were members of what was once a well-known group. Behold, the brat pack members :

4. Jammed Out To "Livin' On A Prayer"

I asked around on this one because there are so many iconic songs from this era such as Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust", Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' ", and Madonna's "Like a Virgin". When I asked individuals who were teenagers/ in their twenties in the '80s what music was the most popular, these titles as well as many others surfaced. However, no matter what your parents' go to genre of music was in the '80s, everyone liked Bon Jovi's chart- topping "Livin' On a Prayer." So your parents probably drove around blasting this song the way we do to all of Katy Perry's hits

5. Teased Their Hair Or Got A Perm

A few years ago, our generation saw a slight surge in big hair and teasing, mirroring that of which was all the rage in the '80s. This was due to the influence of Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki of "Jersey Shore." However, after looking at the women of the '80s, I would say Snooki's big hair is immediately put to shame by the teasing and perm queens.

6. Attempted To Record Their Favorite Songs On Cassette Tapes

While cassette tapes evolved and became more convenient, there were times in the '80s where our parents had to work a little bit to obtain their favorite songs whenever they wanted. Cassette tapes of certain artists were sold in music stores, but if you wanted your own mix, sort of like how we Millennials now are able to have a variety of music of our own selection at our fingertips with music sharing apps and iTunes, it took a little more effort than searching the song title and inserting your Apple ID. In the '80s you had to sit near the radio with a blank cassette tape in it and wait for your songs to air and then quickly push the record button. The issue with this was sometimes you missed part of the song or didn't stop the recording soon enough and caught some of the DJ's chatter or whatever else may have followed the music.

7. Wanted A DeLorean-DMC 12

Some of you youngins may be reading this and wondering what this even is as they haven't been made since 1983 and were the only style available from DeLorean Motor Company. If you are reading this and thinking "Doc Brown's Flux Capacitor!" you were probably raised by someone who saw "Back to the Future" and spent their adolescence dreaming of driving a DeLorean as seen in the film, thinking "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads." Personally, I just want the dog inside the car.

8. Bought Leg Warmers Just Like The Ones Worn In "Flash Dance"

Face it, we everyday people are influenced to make style changes because of celebrities and movie-stars. Sort of like how in my generation braids parted to one side were everywhere after seen on Jennifer Lawrence as bad-ass and rebellious Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games". This was no exception in the '80s as girls searched and bought every color of leg warmers just like the ones worn by Jennifer Beals's exotic dancing character Alex Owens in the hit movie "Flash Dance."

9. Were Either Team Madonna or Team Cyndi

This was a media invented rivalry between iconic '80s singers Cyndi Lauper and Madonna. Odds are your parents were on a side and if they weren't, know the singers well enough to pick a side even today. Did they get "Into the Groove" or show their "True Colors"?

10. Wore Acid Washed Jeans & Blazers

Now we can't forget the guy's apparel either. Acid washed jeans and blazers were go-to for a lot of guys in the '80s. Some rocked a more subtle looked while others grabbed the flamboyantly bright colored shades of jackets.

11. Said "bitchin'"

This would sort of be like when our generation -annoyingly I might add- says "lit." "Bitchin' " was one of the most popular slang terms of the '80s and you probably have heard it if you're an '80s movie fan or if your parents are stuck in their times. I think 'bitchin' " is better than "lit" anyways.

12. Danced to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Even our generation knows what this is. This song/ dance is legendary as is its creator The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I remember growing up and watching my godmother and mother doing this dance in the living room having a real "bitchin" time. I wonder if any dances from our generation will stick- I sure hope not.

Between the hoop earrings, awesome movies, and totally rad music, I say we let our parents relive this wonderful era and bestow some of its "bitchin' " glory on us all.

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