I may be writing this article out of spite on an especially angry Tuesday night after I ditched a dinner with a parent and their current date. But the dramatics does NOT invalidate my points. Either you understand, or you don't. It has nothing to do with the people involved, this is just how it goes. Sorry!

1. They are ALWAYS at your house

Where am I supposed to go?!

2.  You always want to ignore the bf/gf, but it's incredibly awkward

For the love of God, please let me walk through the kitchen without having to engage in small talk.

3. Part two of #2: They try to make weird small talk with you

No, I don't want to talk about how that event I had a few weeks ago went (AGAIN!).

4. If they annoy you, get over it!

Your parent is "an adult, and allowed to make their own decisions and hang out with who they want". Okayyyy.

5. Your parent will cook whatever their bf/gf wants

This leads to me finding strange ingredients in the fridge that is not on our normal shopping list. And yes it looks delicious, but no, I will not be joining you. Why don't you make these types of dinners for us?

6. Your parent will watch whatever TV show their bf/gf likes (so the living room tv is now useless)

Come on, I know, you know, that you don't really enjoy watching America's Got Talent. You hate cheesey TV game shows!

7. If you used to hang out with that parent, find a new friend

The boyfriend/girlfriend is the new obsession... yikes.

Maybe you can only relate to a few of these things, but thanks for taking the time to share some of my frustration and annoyance about parents and their post-divorce significant others.