The Unforgiving Emotional Tornado That Is College

The Unforgiving Emotional Tornado That Is College

The good, the bad and the ugly.

I can see it now. You might be thinking "hey I actually like college," and you're not alone.

College is an amazing time packed with even more amazing memories, I get this. But nobody realizes until they're going into their junior year how big of an emotional letdown college can be. When you hit the junior year point, you realize that you're halfway through everything and it scares the living hell out of you.

Nothing seems wrong, nothing seems the matter. The word "halfway" carries a lot of weight. Only a short time ago we likely knew nobody in our lives now, and this whole way of life we have become accustomed to was unimaginable. Honestly, it's crazy how we go to high school for 12 years, and yes we get older but things never REALLY change. But after a few years in college, our whole life is completely different.

It's like a tornado came into our previous lives and we built something new from what was left of it.

Two more years of college and we have everything to prove- more job experiences, opportunities, internships, friendships, heartbreaks and losses. How did we meet so many people and become so close with them in such a short amount of time? It's scary that we're halfway through the time we have with our new college families.

College is unforgiving in that way — you can see the sand running out the minute you move in freshman year.

Nobody knows what the hell is going to happen in the future. It's fun. It's scary. It's overwhelming. But that's the beauty of it all, isn't it?

For some of us, we probably didn't think we'd make it this far. Statistically, 15% of us could have been dead by our own hands at this point. College is easily one of the most stressful times in someone's life, and it's unfortunate that some people succumb to that stress or depression.

For others, we didn't think we'd be smart enough, have enough money, or have enough time to handle everything that the unforgiving tornado of college hurls in our direction. We get sucked up, hurled around and we don't ever know if we'll hit the ground again. But we do.

The halfway point is even scarier because it's when we realize that everything around our world is constantly changing. Our siblings are growing older and graduating, and you are watching kids who you remember being so young get their licenses. Then we realize we got in such a big damn hurry with ourselves we forgot that all of these other important things were going on.

We think about how every decision we made had its own unique impact on how we got to where we are this very second, and how different our lives would be if we hadn't made a certain decision.

Sometimes we yearn for the old days where life was so simple. For me, it's going back and hanging out with my friends and playing video games. Staying up all night talking and eating things that were bad for me, and having no regrets about it the next day. A time where we didn't think that every decision we made was going to impact our future.

Focusing on the future too much robs the present of its ability to change us.

Most importantly, we all find someone or something that makes us give more of ourselves than we get out of it. Regardless of whether or not we are selfless at heart, something makes us want to put in work and effort day in and day out and never complain one second about it.

"I love you" becomes much more than three words. For some, it might be the last thing you say to a grandparent that you'll unknowingly never see alive again. It was different when you were a kid, and you never considered when your last goodbye might be. "I love you" isn't a wasted utterance of the mouth, but a living, breathing embodiment of our heart and soul that carries more weight than any point previous to the present.

Balancing classwork, relationships, partying and free time... that's all going to change in such a short time. We really are living in the most distinct and impactful time of our life and there's nothing we can do to truly understand the scope of its importance. At this point, nobody knows what to expect. Is the tornado going to swing north and miss us? Or is it going to come ahead and full force?

Nobody knows, and that's what makes college so fun it scares you.

You just grab hold of the strongest thing you can find and hold on for dear life.

Enjoy the unforgiving emotional tornado that is college.

*Inspired by a great friend*

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Saying Goodbye To Freshman Year

"High School goes by fast, but college goes by even faster."

“High School goes by fast, but college goes by even faster”, we’ve all heard it and probably all ignored it as well. I mean time is time. It moves at the same pace no matter what you’re doing right?


High School is over, I’m now a freshman in college and it’s April. I’m sitting here in my dorm looking at all my clothes, and bins thinking, how in the hell will this all fit in my car again? It is crazy, I need to be thinking about all of this now because there is one month of my freshman year left, just one.

All I can keep thinking is how? Wasn’t it just last week that I moved into my cozy room at the end of the hall, or just yesterday that I ran home to two hundred beautiful new sisters? As much as it seems like yesterday, it wasn’t.

It was almost eight months ago that I stepped onto this campus as a freshman, now it is my last four weeks and they are jam-packed. From formal to finals I am in the home stretch of my first year of college. I just registered for my classes next semester, and can’t get it through my head that I will soon be a sophomore.

While walking around campus I still catch myself thinking, wow I am really here. I am a college student, at a school, I fall more in love with every day. So, how can I be a sophomore now when I feel like I just got here?

Yes, I still have three amazing years of college ahead of me, and I can’t wait to see what those years have in store in for me. But, I just can’t help but feel a little sad that I won’t be a freshman anymore. I won’t be the youngest in my sorority family, I won’t be coming back to a dorm every night.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am stoked to live in an apartment next year with my absolute best friends. And you definitely could have heard me saying “I am so over this whole dorm thing” once or twice this semester, but now I can’t help but see all the things I’ll miss.

Freshman year is just unique. You get this giant clean slate, a fresh start. And it is just waiting to see what you’ll do with it. It truly is a year of firsts. My first failure, the first time being on my own, my first time not knowing anyone in my classes. Yes, that can all be a lot to take on, I was terrified at the start of the school year. But before I knew it, I had a routine, I had friends, I had a life here.

And this life surpassed all my expectations. I have a home away from home. I have friends that I know will be my bridesmaids some day. I have experiences that I’ll never forget.

Now as I head back home for the summer I couldn’t be more excited to be with my friends there and my family. But, I also couldn’t be sadder to leave my friends here, even if it’s only for three months because they’ve become another kind of family.

Despite leaving freshman year behind, we have so many more memories to make whether it’s doing the Seminole chop in Doak, coordinating our Halloween costumes, or just chilling at the house. We’ve all come so far this year, and I can’t wait to see just how far we go. So bring it on Sophomore year, I’m ready for ya.

Cover Image Credit: Cameron Kira

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Get Off Your High Horse, You Need To Practice

You cannot get better if you sit on your butt wishing you were better.


Since playing an instrument since the sixth grade, and singing since I can remember, I never really actively practiced and it showed. Sure, I had a fun time and thought I was pretty decent, but I never really improved after high school ended. At least, not by a whole lot. I played scales, okay, but I never was really confident in knowing them by heart.

My tone was atrocious, I didn't know what to do to get better. I thought I was too good to practice, although, some things were too easy for me to practice at the time. Still, I could have practiced something. I literally didn't get myself anywhere by thinking I was good.

Playing/singing music in college is so much different than playing/singing in high school. The pieces are hard, the amount of energy it takes to get through one piece is so much sometimes, and it can get mentally exhausting.

And without practicing, it felt impossible to play. In my voice lessons, I was not improving and I could not figure out why. I didn't think I needed to practice. Only people who need extra work needed practice.

That is honestly what I had thought for years. I now realize how ridiculous that is and how immature I was then as a person and as a musician.

But I learned that it's good to practice! Practicing is good and it helps so much. Keep running that through your mind. Don't forget it. Start a practicing schedule! Even just thirty minutes, you'll be surprised at the outcome!

Five hours a week is a great start, but start slow and don't overload yourself. And start early. Don't wait until college to start! Tackle it head on and watch yourself become a better musician.

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