The Top 10 Mariah Carey Rarities That Should Be On Her New Album
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The Top 10 Mariah Carey Rarities That Should Be On Her New Album

Mariah Carey has dug into her vault for her upcoming compilation and these are ten rarities that should be included on it.

The Top 10 Mariah Carey Rarities That Should Be On Her New Album

Mariah Carey is a living legend with an impressive back catalogue. Her music has resonated with people from all walks of life. She has been the soundtrack to a generation. With such a legacy, it's only fitting that Carey would release her memoir.

Her's is a life many are anxious to read about. The book is titled, "The Meaning Of Mariah Carey," and will be released on September 29.

In her book, Carey delves into many songs, some of which never got released. This is partly why Carey is releasing a compilation album titled, "The Rarities." It is said to include demos, b-sides, and unreleased songs from her 30-year career. The two-disc album will be released on October 2.

On Friday, Carey will release a song called "Save The Day," featuring vocals by Lauryn Hill. The second disc will include her 1996 Tokyo Dome performance from her "Daydream Tour." It seems fitting since this year also marks the "Daydream" album's 25th anniversary.

The full tracklist, however, hasn't been revealed yet. Fans have gone wild online, speculating what songs might be included. Here are ten rarities that should be included on the album.

10. Original Version of "Loverboy"

The story of the original version of "Loverboy" is quite well-known among Carey's fans. The track originally sampled a song called "Firecracker" from Yellow Magic Orchestra. Carey had secured the sample and early trailers for "Glitter" feature the music. However, Jennifer Lopez released a song called "I'm Real," which sampled the same song. "I'm Real" was released months before "Loverboy" was scheduled to come out. Carey ended up using "Candy" by Cameo as the song's sample instead. Fans have always wondered what the original version of the song sounded like, so hopefully, it appears on "The Rarities."

9. Songs From The First Demo Tape

Carey has often discussed the demo tape she was working on prior to getting her first record contract. In the late eighties, while living in New York City, Carey worked in the studio with her writing partner, Ben Margulies. According to Carey, many songs that ended up on her first album were on this demo, including "Someday" and "Vanishing." Carey also claims that she prefers these demos to the versions that appeared on the album. It would certainly be a treat if some of these demos ended up on "The Rarities."

8. "Hypnotized"

This is a song Carey tweeted about in 2015. It's a track recorded when Carey was still a teenager. It is believed to be on the same demo tape given to record executives when Carey was first singed to Columbia. This is questionable, however, because Carey stated during her "Genius" interview in 2018 that it was on the same demo tape as "Vision of Love." According to Carey, she wrote "Vision of Love" after getting signed to Columbia. Carey said she felt this was the best song on the demo, but the label rejected it because it was too R&B.

7. "Heat"

This song was a bonus track on international editions of Carey's "E=MC²" album. Thanks to YouTube, the song has been enjoyed by American fans over the years as well. It would've been a nice addition to the standard tracklisting, but maybe it will find a home on "The Rarities."

6. "Secret Love"

This song was a bonus track on Japanese editions of Carey's album, "The Emancipation of Mimi." It has garnered attention in recent years, with a viral YouTube video claiming Ariana Grande's "Baby I" has similarities to this song. It is a feel-good track that dumbfounds fans, wondering why it was omitted from the regular tracklisting.

5. "Runway"

"Runway" was a bonus track on the Japanese edition of Carey's most recent album, "Caution." A collaboration with Skrillex, the song features a sample of Carey's own song, "Butterfly." You know you're a legend when you can sample yourself. The inspirational track follows a familiar Carey tradition and would be welcome on "The Rarities."

4. "Slipping Away"

This smooth R&B groove was the b-side to Carey's 1996 single, "Always Be My Baby." It never appeared on a previous compilation or any editions of the "Daydream" album. It has become a fan favorite, especially since the internet made accessing these songs much easier. We all are hoping it will be added to the "Rarities" tracklist.

3. "There For Me"

This was a song originally written by Carey and Diane Warren for her 1999 album, "Rainbow." However, it was left off the album and later used as a b-side for Carey's charity single, "Never Too Far/Hero Medley." The single was released in 2001 after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

2. "Do You Think Of Me"

This infectious song was a b-side to the "Dreamlover" single back in 1993. As a fan, I have my own memories associated with this song. I owned the CD single with this song back in the day. I remember riding in the car with relatives listening to this song and loving it. It would be amazing if it were included on "The Rarities."

1. "Everything Fades Away"

This is another fan favorite Carey has been showing some love to recently. There was a backstage video Carey posted with her background singers singing the song with fellow singer, JoJo. This was a bonus track on International editions of the "Music Box" album. Since fans love it so much, there's a strong possibility it will end up on "The Rarities."

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