In high school, I graduated Top 10% in my class. I took numerous AP, honors, and college level courses that challenged me to think outside of the box and managed to still pull an A in those classes. But once I got to college, I was discouraged to receive a B- in my first semester. I thought it was the end of my life and didn’t know how to react to that.

Everyone I ever talked to said that college was more fun, but they failed to mention how much work it had too. I am a procrastinator and to be honest, last week was the worst week of my life because it was that point in the semester where everything from every class was due. I wrote 30 pages of observation for my education class, a 5-page research paper for english, work on two projects for an honors class, and prepare for a test on a subject that is currently dragging me down. IT’S A LOT. College was supposed to be this fun, chill place that takes you away from your life at home. But that’s only the case if you have a certain schedule. College is hard, and finals week is even harder, but it is what you make out of that that really counts.

When I get discouraged, I talk to my parents. They have been the best supporters of me and my goals. They always remind me of why I am at college. I am studying to be a math teacher and I want to achieve that goal. They remind me that these are only little things in life, and I should focus on the end result, past the grade I got on the paper, past the grade I received for the class, and past my final GPA. I should focus on the job I get after graduation, and what I do with that. This is why I and getting an education, to succeed in life, and not to worry about the B- I got in my first semester in Philosophy. I am more than just one B-.

So when you get to college, or even if you are in college, don’t let one grade tear you down. Whether you study education, nursing, math, psychology, or any other subject, you are going to have at least one class that challenges you academically. Don’t let that class get the most of you. Take advantage of office hours and other resources that are available. If you come into college think you are going to get a 4.0 every semester, it is possible, but don’t set your heart on it because it is difficult to achieve. But, stay positive because it will be a B floating in a pond of better grades. College is meant to make memories, so in fifty years, when you become a professional in your field of study, you can tell your grandchildren of that time you got a B- in Philosophy.