What could be better than hamburgers, quesadillas, and wings on a Sunday night?

You and your friends gather at 8:50 pm for the dining room doors to open at 9.

It's finally 9 p.m. and the doors open

You tell the cashier what you would like for dinner and she hands you a receipt. You then go on a line which says either hamburger, quesadilla or wings.

The person working in the kitchen asks, "Hamburger?" You proudly say

You get your lovely overcooked hamburger and sit down with your friends at a table.You will probably have sat at this table every week for Mac Madness

While eating, one of us probably gets up and goes to the ice cream machine. Gotta love free unlimited ice cream, am I right?

One of your friend's will start complaining about how their stomach hurts.

You go back to your dorm and you feel a Mac Attack coming on

Yet, you do it all over again next Sunday!

Mac Madness is every Sunday from 9pm-12am! :)