The Russian Hack

In this post-Donald Trump election era, cry babies and sore losers alike have refused to cease the protests and the social media movements claiming he is not the president. Well, first off, yes he is (well, technically not until January 20th). And second of all, you are not helping anyone with your crying and moaning. But anyway, recent allegations have emerged that the United States’ big-red rival, Russia, hacked and changed the outcome of our election. Old, white conservative men will dispute this while young liberals will cling to it like a magnet and swear it to be true, but, frankly, everyone will realistically think that our “great” country could be infiltrated on such a major scale like that. This whole situation is the closest America will get to making the recount of Florida in the 2000 election seem normal.

But, let me tell you, Russia most certainly influenced our election.

First off, why wouldn’t Russia have motive to ensure Donald Trump is elected? He is just the kind of impulsive, over-the-top kind of man that could make the democratic form of government seem like a complete joke, which is a great promotion of Russia’s communist ideals. Also, his opposition is Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton hates Russia and Russia hates her: she supports Ukraine in their ongoing conflict over Crimea, supported the protesters against Vladimir Putin in 2011, and she wants to restrict Putin’s future vision of Eastern Europe. Trump, on the other hand, has said that he will allow Russia to control Crimea and wants to ease restrictions on Russia.

Additionally, Russia has already hacked us once, so why wouldn’t they again? During the primaries, Russia hacked the Democratic National Convention; they released a myriad of disclosed emails along with fellow villain, WikiLeaks. To relate, the Cincinnati Bengals have been unable to win a playoff game despite numerous winning regular seasons. They have been aware of this ongoing problem but still have been historically unable to fix it. So would you really be surprised if they lost another game in the playoffs? And thus we should not be surprised or oblivious (like goldfish) to the fact that Russia could easily hack us again.

Also, I’m sorry to break the news, but our election system is flawed and vulnerable to a detrimental disruption. One flaw: it is possible, and even easy, to vote more than once. A 2012 Pew Center on The States study said, "Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state." So if you really had no life or hate the system that much, you could vote more than once by registering in two different states and voting once in each. But anyway, this kind of failure in the election process makes it glaringly clear the voting system is not foolproof; a bunch of Communist hackers in a dark basement could easily toy with the votes. So let’s try to not be “ignorant Americans,” and let’s just embrace that our election was tampered with in some way, shape, or form.
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