The Real With Project – All Real Sh*t, No Bullsh*t
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The Real With Project – All Real Sh*t, No Bullsh*t

And the Road to Living in Alignment with my Most Authentic Self

The Real With Project – All Real Sh*t, No Bullsh*t

Over a year ago, I discovered Emma Compagna and all of her greatness on Instagram thanks to her sister sharing one of her posts. Emma grew up in the same hometown that I did, we went to the same high school, but we never crossed paths until recently – and thank the universe that we did. Emma (@realwithemma) is a holistic wellness coach, who spends her days keeping sh*t real on Instagram and encouraging her followers to find nourishment in their lives everyday. She also has a program – the Real With Project – that brings like minded, holistically oriented individuals together who are looking to do the dirty work and change their lives. She is NOT your typical "weight loss program," she truly changes the way you see yourself and the world around you. Weekly modules on Ego, Mindfulness, Comparison, Routines, Self Care, Judgement, and so much more, challenge you to look inward and have tough conversations with yourself and others in order to make positive changes in your life.

In August, Emma began posting about her September RWP. Her stories and vulnerability in those posts spoke to me on such a deep level that I had to take the leap. I DM'd Emma really to just tell her how much her account meant to me and how I was interested in the project, but as a young college student, the price tag was the only thing keeping me from diving in head first. And Emma, oh Emma – this angel of a woman was so incredibly warm and understanding. She worked with me and we created a plan so that I could take part in this wonderful program, and not have the payment hanging over my head.

The RWP consists of six weeks of modules, with guides on nutrition and movement, and a bonus module on the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. This is where all the juicy information and learning comes in. Each week focuses on a new topic – whether that's nutrition, mindfulness, gratitude, mental health, relationships, judgement, fear, ego… you name it, and it's probably here. Emma's soothing voice guides us through every module, and she finishes off each week with assignments that challenge us to implement all the groovy knowledge we've just learned into our daily lives. Journaling and meditation were my favorite ways to reflect on my journey and everything I was learning, but the weekly group calls were the absolute BEST part of the program (and our text group chat of course). Tuesday nights soon became my favorite part of the week, because for 60-90 minutes, I would get to hop on Zoom with my RWP ladies and dive into that week's modules. I laughed, I cried, and I smiled so damn hard my cheeks hurt on these Zoom calls. And each of these ladies in the RWP are real-life superheroes. In week one we were opening up about our past, our fears, our hopes and dreams, the good moments, and the bad ones. The trust and vulnerability on these calls and in our group chat is unlike anything I've ever seen before. And my 1:1 calls with Emma at the beginning and end of the program? Oh my stars – those were the moments where I truly unleashed it all, where I poured my heart out and got the advice, validation, and love I needed to become a stronger and better version of myself.

Joining the RWP was the best decision I ever made. Emma, and six other amazing women completely changed my life and the way I look at the universe. I am grateful for their light and love, every. single. day.

I spent six life-changing weeks on group and 1:1 Zoom calls, having constant text conversations, and sharing memes and advice on Instagram with these ladies. I opened up about my past and personal life with complete strangers! But from the very first call I felt like I had known these goddesses my entire life. Becca, Fiona, Victoria, Zoë, Kelsie, Maggie, and of course, Emma. I feel seen, understood, loved, supported, and cherished by these women every day, even weeks after our program technically ended. That's the thing about this program though, it doesn't just end after six weeks. The information you learn and the relationships you build stick with you for the rest of your life; and if you're willing to do the work, it will continue to change you for the better. I am still learning, still growing, and still evolving – all in search of my most authentic self.

And this program could not have come at a better time for me. With the impact of Covid-19 on my mental and physical health over the last 8 months, the stress of staying healthy and safe in quarantine, entering my senior year of college, and the ever-looming threat of adulthood have all brought unprecedented stress and anxiety into my life. Emma and the RWP have given me the tools to handle anything that life throws my way, and to move through my days with nourishment, love, and gratitude. I've created a morning routine that fills my bucket and prepares me for the day ahead. I've become more mindful of my knee-jerk reactions to certain situations, when my brain turns to judgement, what situations make me anxious – and in being more mindful, I'm able to stop, take a deep breath, lean into those feelings, and choose again.

And I still go through low points and have really shitty days. But those are okay! These wonderful women taught me that it is okay to lean into those feelings. Sink in and allow them to wash over you. But then get back up, brush yourself off, and choose again. CHOOSE AGAIN! Can you believe how simple that is? Ever feel like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning and want to yell at everyone in sight? That's okay! Feel that, and then ask yourself why. Then go and do one thing that brings you joy – journal, meditate, have a cup of tea or coffee, get out in the sun, get some movement in, take a long shower or bath – whatever will make you even one ounce happier. Choose to nourish yourself again and find joy in the smallest things. I promise you, it will change your life. And when you make changes for the better and take care of yourself, it will permeate into your relationships with others. We are the ripple effect. The way that we execute our lives and show ourselves love impacts those around us. When we show up for ourselves we can show up for others, and they will feel our love, light, and greatness.

Emma Compagna and the Real With Project have brought so much joy and growth to my life. I have made connections and friends that I will have forever, and a support system that will be with me every step of the way on my journey to self discovery and self love. She has changed my life in so many ways, and I can guarantee she will change yours too. If you're ready to take that leap, ready to put yourself and your needs first, and take a hard look in the mirror to make some serious change in your life, then @realwithemma is the place to go for the first step in your journey. Choose again, and again, and again, and I promise you will thank yourself for it. I know, because I choose myself every day. To Emma, Vic, Fiona, Becca, Kelsie, Maggie, and Zoë, your love and light are endless – my gratitude and love for you all is beyond. You have completely shaken up my life in the best ways possible. Sending love✨🤍🕊

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