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The Next Chapter

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The Next Chapter

Wow. This decade has really taught me a lot, and one being that it is important to be yourself. Growing up, it was difficult for me to hide my sexuality since I was raised in a Catholic household and went to a Catholic school. I never had that high school experience that every other high schooler experienced. Coming out in a Catholic school was harder than anticipated. Especially in high school (sophomore year). I was the only one who was actually out in my high school, which felt weird, but I realized it was because of how rude people were about it. My friends were very accepting but other people took it the wrong way, making rude comments about me for the person I am.

As soon as senior year came by, I was so excited to finally graduate and start college, especially because of UCF's diversity and acceptingness of the LGBT community. I finally had the chance to be myself for once! Of course, there will always be those head turns, but who cares anymore, it is 2019 and 2020 is around the corner! I believe this decade was truly about learning about myself and what I can be. There were several rough patches that shaped me and without them, I would not have learned about my capabilities. Also, having supportive friends is very important, I would not have done it without them.

With this new chapter coming ahead, start early and do something you have been waiting for. Start now, let it out! Do not let anyone prevent you from fulfilling your goals in life. You are the only person who is stopping yourself. Back in high school, I did not care what other people thought about me. I did it for myself. Maybe write down your goals to keep them in your foresight and go back to remind yourself. I will definitely be doing that since I have a lot of goals I want to achieve that I am currently working on as this year is coming close to an end. Do not forget to slay it and say toodles to this decade! Onto the next!

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