My Magic Is Never Ending

Scene Idea

Ashes were falling from the sky, coating the blood-stained soil around us. Mark, Damen, and I all gasping for air after ridding the earth from the danger that was trying to destroy it. ((possible ending scene or close to ending scene?))

Scene Idea

Today feels as though it will be a great day. The wind sounds like mini waves crashing against a cliff as it dances through the swaying weeping willows. I inhale deeply through my nose and revel in the smell of the freshly bloomed flowers clinging to the limbs of the willows.

I smile as it brings me back to when I was just a young girl before everything changed.

"I will find you one day, my love. No matter how long it takes me. I will find you!" I close my eyes and spread my arms as the wind rushes over me.

Scene Idea

"Behind you!" I bellowed over the roar of better. Shit! She can't hear me, I thought. I threw a dagger coated in poison past Katherine's head, hitting the enemy behind her.

"Holy crap! Good looking out, Damen!" She said with a look that said her heart just crashed to the ground.

Scene Idea

"Mark, please, help her." Damen pleads as I cough up another large mouthful of blood. "My blood is not healing her and she is dying!" Tears seemed to string his eyes.

"She was your wife for ten years, does that not mean anything to you?"Anger made its way to Damen's face.

Scene Idea

"Damn it, Mark! I said no and it is not going to change!" My voice rose a little bit with each acid stained word that flew from my lips.

"Kat…" Mark sounded defeated.

"I am sorry. I just do not see having children, at least not anytime soon." My voice softened. Mark hung his head just a tad and let out a saddened sigh of pain.

"I don't think I can do this anymore, Katherine."

Scene Idea

When I am near a family or see cute photos of children, I find myself grateful not to have any children of my own. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy kids, but either I am just not ready yet or I just do not want any of my own.

This is where Mark and I butt heads a lot because he wants children of his own. A boy and a girl.

Scene Idea

In life, there are magical moments in which a person completely loses their sense of the world. For example, you meet someone who takes over your mind. This person brings new and inexperienced emotions into your life. When your eyes meet or your skin makes contact, the entire world around you is forgotten and completely vanishes around you.

You Remember every hug and every passionate embrace in which your emotions take over (both of you). A love like this is amazing, rare, and utterly terrifying. This is something that you want to last forever, but you fear it may only be temporary. Nothing in this world, as we know of now, is immortal.

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