Well, THG fans…we are finally brought back from the dead (although I can't say the same for all the THG characters we have lost along the way). At long last, the time for a continuation of the "Hunger Games" series is upon us! Granted, this is a prequel to the series we know and love, but it's a continuation to further build up the world we're already familiar with nonetheless.

I have kept with this series since the first movie had been released in 2012 and will die hard for it any day of the week (metaphorically), so I was happily fired up (get it?) to discover that there is gonna be another novel that will expand the world Suzanne Collins had created and has the potential of making it to the big screen where the other THG films got their fame and love!

So, here's the need-to-know.

The story is set 64 years before the first novel of the series, meaning that it'll be at the time of the 10th annual Hunger Games, the morning of that year's Reaping to be exact, and if memory serves me well, that's actually the year when Mags participated in the Games and was crowned victor, so you can count on more Mags backstory! And it's said to be during the infamous Dark Days, the reconstruction period of Panem after District 13's supposed destruction and the failure of the rebellion falling to the Capitol, putting into effect the Hunger Games by the Treaty of Treason.

Yes, I know what you're thinking: is there going to be another "Hunger Games" movie as there are for "Harry Potter" with the "Fantastic Beasts" movies? Well, there is no official word about a movie set on coming out, but Suzanne Collins, the THG book series author, is working alongside the studio that brought all the books to life, Lionsgate, throughout the writing process, strongly implying that there will eventually be a movie in the works for this novel. So…never say never!

So far, there's no name for the novel yet, so be on the lookout for that. And it's scheduled to come out on May 19th, 2020. (Fun fact: not that this is related, but it's set to be out exactly a year after my other series obsession, albeit on TV, "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" ended, so for me, I don't think it's too much of a coincidence that my two favorite series, one on the big screen and the other on the silver screen, both share the same day in a significant way, only separated by a year!)

I don't know about all of you THG fans, but I will be counting down (again, get it?) the days until this novel — a prologue, if you will, to my all-time favorite movie series – is gonna hit the shelves of my favorite Barnes & Noble! I never saw this book coming, at least in the form of a prequel, but I'm glad to know that it's coming, even if I have to wait a whole year…