20 Times Jim Carrey As The Grinch Perfectly Described Everything About 2020
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20 Times Jim Carrey As The Grinch Perfectly Described Everything About 2020

Because what describes quarantine life better than a character that spends their days alone with their dog, angry with the world around them?

20 Times Jim Carrey As The Grinch Perfectly Described Everything About 2020

"How The Grinch Stole Christmas" is hands down my favorite Christmas movie. While I always related to the Grinch's boredom eating, indecision over picking an outfit, and desire to be alone sometimes, the Grinch couldn't be any more relevant in 2020.

So, here's 20 times Jim Carrey as the Grinch totally explained everything about this crazy year.



If 2020 had a slogan, this would probably be it.



Nothing like mourning the year we could of had if 2020 didn't decide to show up a little too "roaring".



Quarantine date nights with yourself hit different.



Pretty sure we've all gone a little crazy from this year. At this point, insanity is just a part of our daily routine.



Fashion shows for yourself? C'mon, admit it. We all did it.



And since we had nowhere to go most of the time, our day-to-day outfits got a little, well...interesting.



Is this year a fever dream? Unfortunately not.



God after hearing us say that 2020 would be our year.



Walking into the grocery store and seeing someone without a mask on, or with one pulled over their chin, or one below their nose, and fighting the urge to turn into the Grinch right there in aisle four.



The terrible realization that there will be more than 10 people at a gathering. Remember when hanging out in groups was safe?



Emotions became totally overbeaing.



I know we all resorted to telling ourselves jokes at some point. Like I said, I think we all became a little insane over the course of this year.






Running through the events of this year like...



When someone asks what we've been up to, because, let's be honest, what do they expect us to say?



Tears? I thought I stopped producing those in April, about the time I lost my sense of emotion?



Our reactions anytime something else got canceled or postponed due to the virus, even though we knew it was for the better.



How we all looked waking up every day to realize that we, in fact, had nowhere to go yet again.



Just like the Grinch and Max, my dog and I became closer than ever this year.



That beautiful moment when you realize 2021 is near, the vaccines have started to be distributed, and the end is in sight. Just a little while longer, everyone.

Until then, wear a mask, spread love, and stay safe!

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