Everyday that you start the day alive should be looked at as the gift of life. Everyday is a new present from God. You get to wake up. You get to climb out of bed. You get to see people you work with. You get to see your friends. You get to talk to your family. You get to experience the little things in life. You may see the sun shine in the sky. You may see the clouds above your head. You can smell the flowers in your yard. If it's winter, you can feel the cold hit your face. You can touch the snow. You can smell the winter air. You can feel the chill on your cheeks.

No matter what the day is, what time of year it is, what day of week it is, what month on the calendar it is, you can experience life. You get to live it. You get to breathe it. You get to walk through it. The gift of life is an amazing thing. Everyday is a new present from God.

Some people may not believe in God. Others believe in God too much to the point they shove Him down your throat. But regardless of what happens, who believes in what, or who follows who- the air hits you, the flowers grow, the trees blossom, the wind blows and the gift of life happens.

Every single day something new happens. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. But it's part of life. The gift of life gives us the chance to meet new people, to learn new things, to talk to a stranger, to open a door for someone you don't know, to pay it forward or to put a smile on someone's face that needs to be cheered up.

No matter what happens during each day of your life, you are given a gift. You are given the opportunity to make a difference, to do something good, to change someone's life or to make an impact like you haven't done on another day of your life. It is a gift. To be here. To enjoy the day. To live the life. To find happiness. To find peace. To breathe.

And to enjoy the gift you've been given.

Everyday will have its struggles. Everyday will have its ups and downs. Everyday will have a moment (or more) of disappointment. Everyday will have things that you and I don't want to see. There will be unhappy experiences. There will be difficult times. There will be struggles. No matter how hard you and I try, we will not always be happy. We will not always find what or who we are looking for. But no matter what happens, good, bad, or ugly? We have the gift. The gift of life.

Everything happens for a reason. Every person starts a new day. Every person experiences new things. We see the sun shine. We feel the breeze blow. We hear the crickets in the fields. We hear the sounds on a playground. We see the children play. We watch adults talk. We hear things around us. We watch traffic. We drive cars. We ride bikes.

We enjoy the gift of life.

Every day, no matter good, bad, or ugly- is a gift of life. If you are here? You are alive. You are given a gift.

Enjoy it. It's life. The one thing others who aren't here with us today cannot experience. What many others cannot enjoy. What many others will never get another chance to do.