So, I don't know about you but I don't give myself too many labels, but of the few that I do give myself, MAXXINISTA is absolutely one of them. More times than not, when someone asks where a piece of my outfit is from my response is "this entire outfit is ~sponsored~ by T.J. Maxx. From one maxxinista to the next, here are 12 thoughts that come into my head when stepping into any of their stores.

1. "Do I really need every color of the same style shirt? Yeah."

2. "I'll never wear this jumpsuit, but I'm here, and it's cute so..."

3. "I saw this sweater here the last 6 times I came here so it must be destined for me."


5. "I don't really use a purse, but there's so many so I might as well look..."

6. "Everyone needs a raspberry lemonade stress relieving candle!!!!!"

7. "I still live in my parents' house in a bedroom but I definitely need 9 boho throw pillows."

8. "Who doesn't need 9 phone cases?"

9. "It's summer but I definitely need a new planner and stationary."

10. "Bright orange pattern leggings? Don't like orange but they're cute so…"

11. "Does my dog need more toys???"

12. "Might as well sign up for the store credit card because I know I'll be back… rewards!!!"

If you go to T.J.Maxx as much as me, you know that it is absolutely inevitable that if you step food in any of their stores, you will walk out with at least one thing.