The 11 Truths Of Owning A Tamagotchi

With a pet comes great responsibility, and if we travel back in time for ten years, great neglect. That's right. About a decade ago, virtual pets were all the rage, namely speaking: Tamagotchis. These Japanese-created handheld digital pets were the epitome of youth's entertainment in the 2000s. Not only did the pocket-sized toys leave teacher's all frazzled up, but they also left a nostalgic and loving impression on most of the 90s babies.

1. You begged your parents for one when all of your friends started owning them.

2. You corrupted your elementary education to dedicate yourself to your pet's needs.

3. Who needed a cell phones? Tamagotchis were the trendy technology to have in your pocket.

4. When buying your Tama, you didn't choose the pink outer shell with the ribbons, or the graffiti-on-the-wall looking toy. The appearance chose you.

5. Your heart broke into teeny tiny shards when you discovered that your tamagotchi grew up to be ugly. But hey, as a parent, you loved it anyways.

6. There were no words could describe that moment when you checked back on your virtual pet and saw an angel in return.

7. Your neglectful misdemeanor got the better of you, and you stopped caring about how much you fed your pet as long as it was happy. But of course, like any decent human, you probably felt guilty and whipped your virtual baby back into shape.

8. You could've wiped tears of joy seeing the matchmaker pair your child up with it's soulmate.

9. Your Tama's marriage, however, was nothing in comparison to you becoming a proud grandparent of a new baby Tamagotchi

10. Number nine was all for nothing once you neglected your pet once more, unwillingly terminated it, and broke the legendary chain of generations you had going on.

11. You enjoy remembering the fun you had with that small piece of plastic.

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