The 10 Stages of Writing a Paper in College
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The 10 Stages of Writing a Paper in College

According to college memes

The 10 Stages of Writing a Paper in College
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  1. Reading the assignment and realizing that you have no idea where to begin. After reading it a couple of times you still are confused. Then you turn to your fellow classmates to help decipher the assignment.

2. After consulting the calendar you strategically plan the latest day you can start the paper and hand it in on time. Even if you promise yourself to outline out it in stages, it ever works out.

3. You leave the assignment in a folder in your desk. It gets forgotten about for some time, as you hope it you will magically come up with a genius idea.

4.During one class, your professor reminds you that there is two weeks before the paper is due. In a panic, you realize you need to get on that.

5. That night you take out the folder. You start figuring out an outline and theme for the paper. You do your research and think that is a good start. Then, you succumb to the desire to sleep.

6. The next day you wake up prepared to be productive. You turn on your computer, drink some coffee and start writing.

7. About an hour into it, the internet distracts you. Your start to jam out to some Demi Lovato jams and get lost in Buzzfeed articles.

8. Startled, you try to get back on task knowing that you need to turn in a stellar paper.

9. Finally it is finished and you save the document. Excited you spend the rest of the night staying up with your fiends watching TV or hanging out.

10. The day it is due you realize 10 minute before class the paper is still not printed. In a rush you run to the computer lounge to print the document. You run and barley make it to class on time.

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