Ten Things To Fund in Schools Instead of Guns
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Ten Things To Fund in Schools Instead of Guns

Legislators are eager to provide funding to arm teachers, but can't provide basic necessities like paper.

Ten Things To Fund in Schools Instead of Guns

The government has recently contemplated arming teachers, an endeavor that would require millions of dollars of funding. Besides being a terrible idea, there are many things the government should already be providing in public schools that are much more necessary than guns.

Here are ten things the government should be providing funding for instead of guns for teachers:

1. Basic Supplies Like Paper & Toner

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Apparently, some public schools around the U.S. have run out of paper for several days or weeks during the school year, which is obviously necessary for learning. Many English teachers also proclaim that the government can not provide ink and toner so they can print class materials. How could the government provide guns and training when they can't even provide paper and printer ink for schools?

2. Sports Programs & Equipment

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Many schools have proper funding for sports programs, but some lower income schools suffer from budget cuts and pay the price when it comes to sports and equipment.

3. School Band and Choir Programs

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Public school band and choir programs often suffer from budget cuts. According to NAFME, National Association for Music Educations, some of the benefits of music in our schools include: increased coordination, better SAT scores, and the development of spatial intelligence. Hmm... seems pretty important.

4. Supplies for Art Classes

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I took many art classes while in high school, and it seemed like our supplies were often dwindling and very low quality. This is because art teachers would receive very little money to purchase supplies for the entire year. The arts are an important part of a well-rounded student, but how can a student create art without proper supplies?

5. Higher Teacher Salaries

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Teachers are responsible for educating the next generation, yet starting teachers get paid significantly less than their fellow university grads who take up different positions. While teachers aren't in it for the money, they deserve to be paid much more for the responsibilities they take on when teaching dozens of students.

6. Better School Lunches

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Schools have to follow minimal requirements when making school lunches, but that does not mean the lunches are healthy, wholesome, or tasty. At my high school, normal lunches included soft pretzels, corn dogs, and mozzarella sticks, with a few poorly cooked vegetables and canned fruit as sides. With a little more funding, schools could provide healthier and tastier options for students.

7. Better Tech in Schools

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Technology becomes more advanced and amazing with each day, but low income schools lack tech for all of their students and as a result some students may not know basic computer skills like typing and Microsoft Office.

8. Lower Public College Tuition

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Many state legislators decrease contributions to public universities, resulting in higher tuition. My university alone has witnessed a 2.1-3.3% raise in tuition just this year. The government needs to see college as it is for many: a necessity, not a personal luxury.

9. Maintaining Small Class Sizes

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Lower school funding often leads to teacher lay-offs, which then results in large class sizes. It's hard enough for a teacher to give individual attention to 20 students, much less 50 or more.

10. Mental Health Programs

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Many schools don't have enough counselors to meet the needs of their students. Students should always have access to someone to talk to when they're going through a tough time in their life.

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