Never Be Afraid To Tell Someone How You Feel

Never be afraid to tell someone how you feel.

Whether that is at school, work, relationships, your roommates, etc. Don't be afraid to let someone know how you are feeling and how their actions are impacting you.

We go through the daily motions of life. Some of us get up in the morning, go to work, come home, just to go to bed and repeat the same motion all over again. Some of us get up, go to class, come home, and have our lives on repeat. If that is the case, why waste any of your precious time by ignoring your feelings and not letting others know how you feel?

Whether you are feeling depressed or someone is doing something that is bothering you, don't be braid to speak your mind in a healthy way. It can be scary, and I think I know why.

People are afraid to tell others how they feel because they are scared of how that makes them look. Do I look pushy? Am I being dramatic? That's one problem that I think we all encounter when debating on whether or not to speak our minds. The most important aspect of that, though, is that we have a bad practice sometimes of invaliding our own feelings. Sometimes it's good to take a step back and recognize that our feelings are valid, and if others need to know how we feel then that is okay.

People are also afraid to tell others how they feel because of that looming threat of confrontation. Are they going to be mad at me? Are there serious repercussions on what I am about to say? While those are important things to keep in mind, it is also important to note that if you feel you are being walked over or you have feelings you need to share, let them out and communicate. Having an open line of communication is significant because it allows you to voice your feelings with another person and for them to be made aware and have time to respond.

I have recently gone through something where I had to voice my feelings. Yes, I was scared of how others would perceive me and my feelings, but it was important for myself. Afterwards, I felt good knowing that I had something off my chest that I was meaning to talk about for awhile.

So in parting, don't be afraid to tell others how you feel. Your feelings are valid, and if those around you care about you, they will understand that you are valid and your communication is necessary not only for your mental health, but for the shared relationship.

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