Dedicated fans know that Taylor Swift releases her albums every two years in the fall. Well, here's some devastating news: it has been about two and a half years since we have heard the beautiful melody of a brand new Taylor Swift song. What's the good news? Since February 24th, Swift has been gearing up for a new album. She has finally released a date that we will hear something from her!

April 26this going to be a huge day for the music industry. As we all know, Taylor has slowly made her way from a 15-year old country artist to a 29-year old pop star. She has gone in and out of good graces with the media, but never in our hearts.

In her last album, 1989, Taylor played on the fact that the media called her a "snake" after her big, overpublicized debacle with a few other celebrities. A snake was the mascot of her tour as a giant one named "Karyn" joined her on stage at every performance. Swift won back the respect of people with her new album as she sings about heartbreak, falling in love, the end of friendships, and wisdom to get through the different seasons of life.

There are so many questions to be asked as this new Taylor era approaches. What will Taylor's new music sound like? What will her "style" be? Judging from her pictures on social media, it looks like Taylor is transitioning from New York to more of an L.A. beachy theme. How will all the glitter and butterflies tie into her new album?

Since February, Swift has been posting clues on Instagram regularly. Many fans have tried to decipher the clues, but many know that we won't even be able to predict what will happen.

Well, it looks like we will just have to wait and see. Whatever happens, we can be assured that it will be beyond our wildest dreams.