Recently, Netflix announced that there will officially be a sequel for To All The Boys I've Loved Before. While we're all excited to see the relationship between Lara Jean and Peter continue, there is one thing that absolutely needs to happen to make this movie a success.

It's not the arrival of John Ambrose.

It's not Margo and Josh getting back together.

It's not even really anything to do specifically with the lovely Noah Centineo or Lana Condor (as much as we love seeing them on screen together).

The one thing that absolutely needs to happen in this movie is this: Lara Jean better get her hair scrunchie back.

Yup. It was the one thing that was wrong in the first film, and I'm waiting for the writers to make it right.

I'm sure the sequel will be great no matter what, but let's put this plot point to bed and get Lara Jean her favorite scrunchie back.