Take Charge of Your Life Now

Take Charge of your Life

I'm going to set goals and achieve them on my own time.


When I was in high school I used to dream about being at the exact same place in life where I am right now, in college having the time of my life and studying what I love most, writing. So, here I am living out what I once thought was a fantasy, but now it's different. Now, I'm at the point in my life where I used to want to be, but all I do is dream about the future, and I am beginning to see that this is a huge problem.

I know I am not the only one who does this, and I have found it comes from my constant need for growth and change. In college, I think a lot about my future because I want to be successful. If I work hard now then I can set myself up for success. This becomes a problem because it means I am not living in the here and now. January first was when everyone made new years resolutions. Some resolutions are to be more in shape, overcome a fear, or to give up something negative up, which are all great resolutions. However, if January has taught me anything, it's that one does not need to make a new years resolution. The reason why people make them (and I have made plenty) is that the New Year is considered "new", meaning people feel as if they can start over. Now, this is such a positive movement that has been around for decades, but it's important to understand that one can change at any given moment without a set date. It seems as if people (and myself included) like to "start over" on days like January first, on a Monday to start the week off right, or the first day of a new month. The secret is there is no right time to start over. Set goals, become a new person, and explore a new hobby when YOU want to. There are no rules when you could reinvent yourself. Just do it.

I constantly looked towards the future and let that determine who I was going to be and my happiness. I looked towards days like new years hoping that each new year I could reinvent myself. This has become toxic because frankly, time is a manmade concept. Man has created time for organizational purposes. Humans are the only mammals that look at a clock and say, "Hey, it's six o'clock", and then decided what to do according to the time. We live our lives based on time. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly how much time is left. I have decided, and I encourage anyone else to decide to stop waiting for the future, stop waiting for change. Stop waiting for days like new years to get yourself together. Instead, change your life now. In reality, you are in charge of your own life. You make decisions every day that affect your future. You are your own person, and you hold the power to decide where your life is directed. For example, do not wait until a new year, a new date to eat clean or to go to the gym more. Make the decision to do something right this second, and you'll be in control.

For me, it's still important to think about the future, but I have learned it's okay to breathe and take one step at a time. I have realized that I am wasting my time worrying about the future when I could be focusing on the present. Doing this actually makes life more enjoyable. Taking each day as it is and starting new each day allows you to free yourself of negative energy that is caused by waiting, waiting, and waiting. Yes, some things in life take time––that's a given, but it's never too late or too early to change yourself for the better. Of course, I still wonder every day if I will be successful in the future, but that time in my life will be here faster than I realize. Like I said above, I used to dream of being at the exact spot in life that I am in this very second. My thoughts are that it I work hard enough for success then I'll receive it. I'm taking myself on a new journey every day. I've had enough of overthinking about the future, my insecurities, and my goals. I'm not going to start new on days like new years or the first Monday of every week. I'm going to set goals and achieve them on my own time.

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