3 Sustainable Shoe Brands Every Planet Lover Should Know
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3 Sustainable Shoe Brands Every Lover Of The Planet And Accessories Should Know About

Tired of buying temporarily-trendy sneakers from brands that don't value sustainability? You should be!

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As I become more aware of the fashion industry's eco footprint and the harmful consequences of fast fashion, I've been making an effort to slowly weed out my older brands to incorporate more sustainable ones instead.

This does not have to be an all-or-nothing drastic change, but a subtle evolution towards a better me. And, while I change my clothes out for more ethically made sources, I've started doing the same for my shoes.

The goal is not to toss all the shoes you already own from non-sustainable brands, rather, to keep these amazing brands in your mind as you go to buy your next pair!

These 3 brands have greatly stuck out to me amongst their competition. Read this to hear some sustainable shoe brands you need to buy from now!

1. Rothy's


If you know me, or am in my public speaking (yes, I gave a speech on Rothy's, I am that obsessed), you are aware of my insane passion for Rothy's shoes.

When I got my first pair, over three years ago, I instantly became in love.

Now, five pairs later, I am still constantly refreshing the website looking for their next new style or color. I love their fun prints and wide choice of colors.

The brand values sustainability like no other; their shoes and bags are made out of plastic water bottles.

They even use the plastic in the bows on their packages in combination with biodegradable cardboard!

Rothy's also partnered with Carbon Fund to exchange their outputs and attempt to better the Amazon Rainforest and U.S. pollution. They go more in depth on their sustainability mission on their website!

Beyond that, Rothy's are the most comfortable shoe EVER! The loafer style is my personal favorite for comfort, it feels like wearing slippers. I have never experienced a break-in period with Rothy's.

Lastly, Rothy's are machine washable! They are incredibly durable and my pairs from 3 years ago still look brand new.

I have convinced nearly everyone I know to buy a pair and they have not let anyone down, truly one of the best purchases I have ever made.

2. Veja


While my history with the Veja brand is not as extensive as Rothy's, I bought a pair last Christmas and have not stopped wearing them since. They're the perfect mix of trendy sneakers and classic, timeless footwear.

They're not too chunky and can be paired with virtually anything.

The wonderful thing about purchasing from Veja is their transparency mission; Veja details where all of their materials are from and how their shoes are made on their website.

They include information on their mission of fair trade, organic certification for their products, and an economically equitable production chain.

I bought the V-10 style and was nervous, based on reviews, that the tongue of the shoe would cause discomfort until broken in.

Fortunately, I did not experience any type of blistering or break-in period with my Vejas! They are comfortable, sturdy, and a great purchase! I have paired mine with jeans, leggings, dresses, basically everything!

3. Everlane


Everlane is another sustainable shoe brand that I have heard nothing but great things about. Their goal is to eliminate plastic in their supply chain in 2021 and they give more information on their page on how they have been working to achieving that.

They also, similarly to Veja, focus on certified organic cotton, which eliminates harmful pesticides affecting our environment.

They probably offer the most variety when it comes to styles amongst the sustainable shoe brands, including flats, heels, boots, and sneakers.

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