Things to remember for incoming college freshmen
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11 Realities No One Tells You About College That You Need To Hear

Knowing these things will help you in the long run.

11 Realities No One Tells You About College That You Need To Hear

This is for all the students that are fresh graduates of their high school years and ready to finally embark on the journey that is college. You are about to finally move out of your parents' or guardians' house for the first time! And, you can't wait for your life to be exciting, perfect, and easy.

Well, here I am, ready to tell you that college is not everything that it appears in all the movies. There will be hard times where you want to give up alongside the moments of pure freedom, independence, and excitement. So, if you want college to be the best possible experience you can have, remember these friendly hints.

1.College is not just a bigger version of high school

It may seem like it at first. But, trust me — it's not. The material is going to be harder, the classes are going to be farther, and at times you are going to struggle. With proper planning of what you need to do every day and how you are going to accomplish those things, college life can be a whole lot easier.

2. You cannot always get up at 8 AM like you did for high school

High school seemed like a breeze compared to college. You quickly rethink signing up for that 8 AM lecture during the first week when it's downpouring — and you forgot your umbrella in your dorm. Go to bed early and always take into consideration how much sleep you need in order to function properly the next morning. Also, be sure to find your perfect coffee place early in the semester!

3. Freshmen fifteen is as real as you make it

Taking care of yourself is super important during stressful and busy times. It may seem easier to just run to McDonald's than wait in line at the salad bar in the dining hall, but it all adds up later. Eating right and exercising daily will help improve your mood, sleeping habits, and memory.

4. You will not stay friends with everyone you went to high school with and that's okay

This is one of the hardest things to learn in college. Moments like these will go and they hurt just as much as the time before. Keep your friends close, because quality always beats quantity.

5. You will learn things about yourself that you never dreamed of

Open yourself up to new possibilities! You will almost always learn something new along the way. It's okay to change. Just make sure you put your happiness above anyone else's.

6. Studying is a time commitment and every minute sucks

I wish you could just sit down for 30 minutes every day and study for every class you have, but that's not how it works. Studying can sometimes take hours, no matter how smart you are or how much you struggle. Everyone spends a lot of time studying, just make sure you are using the best techniques that help you pass that first exam.

7. Professors work on their own schedules, not yours

Professors have tight schedules and deadlines. Print out deadline calendars and put them in places you will see often. Work with your professors early for any extensions and personal matters. They will converse with you and help where they can, but don't rely on this for a paper you forgot to do because they will rarely remind you during class about that big assignment due Friday.

8. Having a job can make things more difficult

A lot of people need to work during college — and this can add some struggle. Figure out a plan early that works for you, so you aren't pulling all-nighters and turning in late assignments.

9. Moving out of state for college is not as glamorous as the movies make it seem

Televisions shows and movies make it seem like the first step to a brand new life. For some, that might be the case. But, remember moving out makes things difficult. Even more so if you have never been away from home before. If this is what you plan on doing for school, make sure you have all the details and finances worked out in order to accomplish this in a safe and positive way.

10. You don't always remember things as easily as you did in high school

As I mentioned about studying, it might have seemed like you didn't have to try too hard to get good grades in high school, but college is on a whole other level. You are not slow or stupid for needing extra help! Be sure to get the resources you need in order to succeed.

11. Don't treat college like the biggest party you have ever been to

College can be a fun and exciting time for everybody, but you are not there to party 24/7, whether that be during college or after.

It may seem like college is now this big scary place you never want to go to now. Trust me, knowing these things will help you in the long run. College will be what you make it to be — a fun and exciting place to learn what you like and become the person you are meant to be, but going in with a clear plan and goals you want will help this transitional time become a lot easier.

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