21 Creative Gift Ideas For High School Grads
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21 Survival Kits That Make Perfect Graduation Gifts

It's hard to survive college, so help prepare the recent high school grads in your life with these gifts.

21 Survival Kits That Make Perfect Graduation Gifts
Mya Pfeifer

It's graduation season so I've been panicking a little bit about what to get for my high school friends. I'm broke and I want to be creative, so I put together this list of ideas for those of you who may be in the same boat.

1. Hangover Recovery Kit

Heading off to college means they are about to have their first ever sip of alcohol (right mom?). This gift is only appropriate as they are going to need help with that first major hangover.

Top 5 Recommendations: Sunglasses, Advil, Gatorade, Hair ties, Gum

2. Future Broke College Student Survival Kit

You're broke. They're about to be broke. Use whatever money you can scrape together to get them started with some gift cards (but remind them to save them for when they get to school because they will need them).

Top 5 Recommendations: $5 for Starbucks, Dunkin, Amazon, Uber, and Target

3. All-Nighter Survival Kit

Help prepare your dear friend for the likely scenario that they forget about a paper that's due the next day and have to stay up all night to finish.

Top 5 Recommendations: K-Cups, Redbull, 5 Hour Energy, Caffeinated Chocolate, Coffee Mug

4. Self Care Kit

Amongst all of the studying, going out, and sleepless nights, it's essential to practice self-care, and this gift can help prepare the recent grad in your life.

Top 5 Recommendations: Face Mask, Tea Bags, Cozy Socks, Journal

5. Your Mom Can't Clean Up After You Anymore Survival Kit

It's time to be a big kid, so help them prepare to clean up after themselves from now on.

Top 5 Recommendations: Tide Pods, DIY Chore Chart, Clorox Wipes, Febreeze, Paper Towels

6. Dorm Living Survival Kit

They don't know what's coming... the loud neighbors and disgusting showers especially.

Top 5 Recommendations: Ear Plugs, Eye Mask, Headphones, Book Light, Shower Shoes

7. First Aide Kit

Mommy isn't there to kiss every booboo anymore. This gift will help them to take care of themselves when they get a paper-cut.

Top 5 Recommendations: Bandages, Cold Medicine, Advil, Cotton Swabs, Thermometer

8. "College is Stressful" Survival Kit

Nothing truly prepares you for the stress of being on your own and holding yourself accountable for your academics, health, social life, and finances. When all of the stress crashes down, your friend will be thankful for this gift.

Top 5 Recommendations: Tea, Damnit Doll, Bubble Wrap, Aromatherapy Lotion, DIY Weighted Pillow

9. Party Survival Kit

It's college... this one is just fitting.

Top 5 Recommendations: Shot Glass, Solo Cups, Costume Pieces, Ping Pong Balls, DIY Drink Recipe Book

10. "The School Part of College" Survival Kit

Of course, college has many social aspects that every recent high school graduate spends the summer looking forward to, but the school part is what you're actually paying for. This gift will set them on the right track to be their most studious selves.

Top 5 Recommendations: Highlighters, Index Cards, Pencil Pouch, Planner, Pens

11. "So Fresh So Clean" Kit

I have found that, unfortunately, there are people in college that still don't know how to control their body odor. This kit is intended to help your friends NOT be one of those people.

Top 5 Recommendations: Body Wash, Loofah, Lotion, Perfume, Shower Speaker

12. Homesickness Survival Kit

There's no place like home, which can make being at school hard. When homesickness hits your friend, they'll be thankful for this gift.

Top 5 Recommendations: Open When Letters, Picture Collage, DIY Canvas Painting of Home State, High School Alumni Shirt, Envelopes/Stamps (so they can send a good 'ole handwritten letter home)

13. Syllabus Week Survival Kit

Syllabus week is the perfect week of school. There's class, but almost every single one gets out early and there's no homework, which means there's plenty of time to get "sylly". This gift will help them balance class and fun for the first week of school.

Top 5 Recommendations: Planner, Highlighters, Campus Map (but make sure they don't walk around staring at it), Pens, Shot Glass

14. School Spirit Starter Kit

It's time for them to exchange their high school colors for their new and improved college colors, and that entails more than changing the name of your school in your Instagram bio. Help them prepare to rep their new colors and mascot with this starter kit.

Top 5 Recommendations: T-Shirt, Face Stickers, Sunglasses, Scrunchie, School Jewelry

15. Dorm Decorating Survival Kit

Buying decorations for a dorm can get expensive, so this gift will help keep the cost low for them when they head off to Target.

Top 5 Recommendations: DIY Canvas Painting, Christmas Lights, Felt Letter Board, Throw Pillow, Command Strips

16. "Fight Against the Freshman 15" Survival Kit

Everyone talks about how they don't want to gain the freshman 15 and swears they're going to go to the gym every day. But, when it's 10 degrees outside, no one wants to walk outside to get to the gym. Hopefully, this gift helps.

Top 5 Recommendations: DIY Book of Dorm Workouts and Recipes, Water Bottle, Hair Ties, Sports Bra, Ankle Weights

17. "Freshman Plague" Survival Kit

Last year, within the first month of school, all of my friends and I got sick. In college, you sleep less and you're living in close quarters with more people than you ever have before. It causes what I like to call "the freshman plague". This gift should help your friend recover from whatever they happen to come down with.

Top 5 Recommendations: Tissues, Vitamin C, Cold Medicine, Cough Drops, Hand Sanitizer

18. "These Are the Good 'Ole Days" Kit

In the series finale of the Office, Andy said he wished someone would have told him when the good 'ole days were happening, so he could've appreciated them more. Well, I'm telling you, college is the good 'ole days. This gift should help your friends capture and remember every memory.

Top 5 Recommendations: Disposable Camera, Empty Picture Frame, Empty Photo Album, Mason Jar (to fill with memories), Planner (with instructions to fill it in day by day with the best memories of the day)

19. Dining Hall Survival Kit

Dining hall food gets old really quick. Help your friend prepare for all of the meals they'll end up making in their dorm microwave.

Top 5 Recommendations: DIY Dorm Recipe Book, Ramen, Paper Plates, Brita, Tupperware

20. "Best Days of Our Lives" Survival Kit

We've all heard high school is supposed to be "the best days of our lives", and I guess for some people it's true. If your friend is one of those people, hopefully, this basket triggers some nostalgia for them.

Top 5 Recommendations: Picture Frame with Graduation Year, Newspaper Clippings From When Their JV Soccer Team Beat Their Rival, New T-Shirt From The High School Spirit Shop, High School Alumni Bumper Sticker, Framed Picture of the Graduating Class From Graduation

21. Cloudy Day Survival Kit

Not for the days that are literally cloudy, but this gift should be able to bring a little sunshine into their lives when they're feeling down,

Top 5 Recommendations: Yellow Coffee Cup, Burts Bees, Peanut Mnms, Yellow Phone Case, Lotion in a Yellow Bottle

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