I know what people are thinking, "Does the world really need another superhero show or movie?" Well, I would have to say yes, it does.

As weird as it may seem I genuinely love all the superhero franchises the world has to offer. An adventurous tale of average people who either gain superhuman abilities are born with them, or just dawn a new outfit and fight crime with no powers at all. So here are some must-see superhero shows if you are interested in getting into the franchise or just looking for something new:

1. The Flash

In an attempt to bring back the age of Barry Allen as the Flash. This show is good for those who are looking for something that is a bit more fun and lighthearted but isn’t afraid to take a dark turn when it calls for it.

2. Arrow

If you are looking for something darker that focuses mostly on things that can relate to real-world threats instead of superhuman villains, then this is a good show to watch. It focuses on a man with no powers at all but still able to take down some pretty intense enemies.

3. Jessica Jones

This show is very dark and displays a hero who suffers from major PTSD. This isn’t a show for people who are looking for something that is cheerful or lighthearted. But it has a strong female lead and tackles some major issues many people see as taboo to talk about. It is not a show for the light of heart.

4. Luke Cage

This show tackles race and discrimination and challenges the racial representation across media with an almost completely minority cast.

5. Dare Devil

This show’s main character has a physical disability; he lost his sight in a car accident when he was a kid that also increased his other six senses beyond what is considered normal, even for someone who is blind.

7. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

This is a good show for anyone who is interested in sci-fi, this is a good show for you. Follow a band of misfits who travel through time trying to make themselves legends, and maybe do a bit of good along the way.

8. Supergirl

This is another great show with a strong female lead and tackles feminist issues, and is great for those who love sci-fi too.

9. Agents Of S.H.E.I.L.D.

This is a good show for anyone who is wary about trying a new show or just doesn’t want to branch too far from the familiarity of the Marvelverse the movies have created. It even follows the familiar character of Phil Coulson after the events of the first "Avengers" movie. There was no more motivation needed for me to watch it.

10. Gotham

Of course, I had to include this show, seeing as it is my absolute favorite. This show is a little different from the others because it doesn't really focus on just a superhero, actually this show takes place when Bruce Wayne is still just a kid. It focuses on how not only Batman came to be but also all his villains and actually follows Jim Gordan as he moves his way up through the GCPD.