5 Sunflower Fields To Visit In Maryland
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5 Sunflower Fields To Visit In Maryland

Here comes the sun...flowers.

5 Sunflower Fields To Visit In Maryland

Starting mid-July and extending into September, farms throughout Maryland put on a spectacular show that is unique to late summer. There's no music, lights or roller coasters; the splash of color that comes at peak bloom of sunflowers is a summer attraction that stands alone. The sheer size of some of these fields brings smiles and gasps. Sunflowers are my favorite flower, their stature makes me feel small and in a fairy tale. And there's something to be said about the whole following the sun thing, that's a good life lesson. But if you're not in it for the love of nature, nostalgia or metaphors about life, you could at least get an awesome Instagram out of a trip to a sunflower field. (It's OK, you'll see sunflowers on my profile, I can't resist.)

So photographers and phytophiles rejoice! Here are five sunflower fields in Maryland to check out this summer!

1. The Maryland Agricultural Resource Council.

The Maryland Agricultural Resource Council (MARC) is in Cockeysville, in Baltimore County. This is the only one of the fields that I have frequented as of writing this article. Peak bloom is usually late July and early August, but this year due to heavy rain, the sunflowers were planted a few weeks late, so peak bloom will *probably* be closer to early to mid August. Sunflowers are available to cut and purchase based on the honor system. The cost to pick your own is $1 per stem and $10 per dozen stems. The MARC hosts a party to celebrate summer and the sunflowers called the Sunflower Soiree! The 2016 Sunflower Soiree will be on Thursday July 28 from 5-8 pm. Activities will include a live jazz band and wine tastings! It costs $10 admission and guests are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner, blanket and chairs and a camera! More information here!

2. Rocky Point Creamery.

And you thought I was done with ice cream… Rocky Point Creamery isn't just for their incredible ice cream. Outside of Frederick, MD, Rocky Point sits as the pinnacle of summer enjoyment--Sunflowers and Ice cream. You can work up a sweat picking your own sunflowers and then cool off by enjoying one of the stops on the Maryland Ice Cream Trail! The stems will be about $1 a piece and all the proceeds from the sunflower sales go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital! The peak blooms run from the last week of July through the middle of August. More info here.

3. The McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area.

In Western Montgomery County, this wildlife management area is home to upwards of forty acres of sunflowers in eight fields. The sunflowers began their full bloom July 12, 2016 and the peak should last about two weeks according to their website. In addition to the sunflowers, the wildlife management area is made up of a 2000 acre mix of woodlands, fields and green-tree reservoirs. There are miles of trails through the forests, wetlands and fields open to hikers. There are a lot of bees, and hikers are advised to bring insect repellent for the mosquitoes that inhabit the wetlands. The sunflowers at peak bloom can be up to six feet tall! Many photographers bring ladders or step stools to get the perfect shot. More detailed information can be found on their website: here.

4. The Sunflower Garden.

The Sunflower Garden is in Westminster, MD. The garden first opened its fields for picking 19 years ago and has expanded to offer fresh veggies to purchase, bunnies to pet and chickens to feed. One thing that hasn't changed as the field has grown is that a bunch of sunflowers is still $8. The owners have a reputation for being really nice and helpful and often leave out cute props for photos to better your photo taking experience! The fields open for picking July 1 and the season goes until mid-September, peak bloom usually happens in the first few weeks of August. For more information call the farm at 443-865-2566.

5. Clear Meadow Farms.

Clear Meadow Farms is located in Jarrettsville in Harford County. The field is not pick your own; they will eventually be harvested for their seeds. Peak bloom is much later than others on this list, usually the peak is in the second or third weeks of September. The fields are easily accessible from the road and are perfect for photos with children because the sunflowers in this field are much shorter than the others on this list. More information and a more in-depth list of their services can be found on their website.

Hopefully this list will help you enjoy some of summer's best! Happy 'gramming!

Here is a map with the field's locations!

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