Summer Vacation: A Student's True Hero
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Summer Vacation: A Student's True Hero

Even superheroes want some fun in the sun.

Summer Vacation: A Student's True Hero

Summertime is characterized by many things: Warm weather, the beach, no school and blockbuster movies. Since 2008, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has been throwing out mega-hit after mega-hit in the summer box office. All of us have probably seen at least one "Marvel" movie (Deadpool, anyone?). Though the main characters are superhuman, they're also super relatable. Let's see how our favorite mutant friends enjoy summer just like us.

1. With school not in session, you're free to do what you want.

Whether that means sitting on your butt all day or fighting the crimes police can't handle, freedom is yours. No need to worry about deadlines, essays, or extracurricular commitments, you have the ability to use your time with whatever you feel worthy. (Unless you have a job, then you should probably do that).

2. Trying to find a summer job.

Actually, very hard. Everyone says that the best time to apply for a summer job is during April, which is kind of impossible because you're, you know, probably not near your hometown (being on campus and all). Unless you have a job you have kept from previous years saving you a spot, it's gonna be similar to the natural selection process when trying to find a gig in between semesters.

3. Reuniting with the OG Avengers (your high school friends).

It's time to suit back up, ladies. After a year apart (minus winter break), you finally have months of time to catch up and get back to your roots. Whether it's digging up old jokes or making new ones, no matter what: You'll be doing it together.

4. Seeing people from high school and hoping they think you've changed (for the better).

Maybe you went through a tremendous period of hair growth, like our friend Bucky Barnes pictured above. Maybe, like Bucky, you sprouted a super-weapon metal arm in exchange for your real one. Or maybe you just hope that you look tanner and happier than the last time someone from your graduating class saw you. Either way, it's safe to say that we all hope college gives us a #GloUp.

5. The party scene.

No more creepy frat basements for a little while. Instead, you will be transported back to the house parties where you try to have fun...but also keep an eye on the windows for police lights (nosy neighbors, what are ya gonna do?). It's really cool to be able to have fun with all of your hometown friends again, in a building that is probably cleaned more than, like, never.

6. Going to the beach and showing off your #BeachBod.

If you worked out to get a nice body for the summer, you deserve a similar reveal to what Steve Rogers got in "The First Avenger" (see above). Even if your aren't totally confident about how you look in a bathing suit, you STILL deserve a Steve Rogers or Peter Quill (see below) reveal, because you're still bangin'.

100 percent HEALTH.

7. Wasting so much time on your phone/computer that you become a tech-wizard (not necessarily by choice).

With all of the free time that summer gives us, it's pretty much impossible to fill all of that time with Insta-worthy adventures. Some days, especially rainy ones, you may morph into a couch potato and do nothing but mindlessly scroll on your phone. Hey, maybe you'll learn if built-in iPhone apps have a use beyond just taking up storage!

8. Trying to stay in shape even though you have no motivation.

Beach Bod, smeach smod. With extremely hot days making you feel groggy, it takes a lot of energy to lace up and get moving. Perhaps if you got to Hulk Smash something that annoys you (like Hulk did with Loki), working out would look a little more attractive.

9. Wanting to stay in the pool all day.

You love swimming in the beautiful water of your backyard, so the only thing that'll make you leave is either having to pee or literally falling asleep and needing someone to drag you out. Either way, you aren't going to choose sweltering on the porch over staying cool.

10. Eating your entire weight in BBQ food.

Hamburgers and hot dogs--the biscuits and tea of America. On the summer holidays, barbecue's are the messiah of dining. Even when you think that U.S. flag cupcake is your last, you know darn well it isn't. Welcome your food baby with pride and joy.

11. Enjoying your time off.

Even superhero's need vacation time! The warm summer months are meant for relaxation... and sweating. Don't take it for granted, especially when in only a few weeks school will be starting up again and you'll be wishing for the #SimplerDays.

Now that the summer is in full swing for us college kids (sorry, high schoolers), it's time to kick back and have fun! Try your best to save up some money by doing some free activities, like going for a swim or taking a hike. Enjoy the beautiful weather with the people you care about most while your taking time off from the stressors of school. You really are a superhuman, you deserve a break from saving the world. H.A.K.A.S.!

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